Pacific Measles Outbreak
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Project highlights

Toolkit used by more than 10 countries and translated into 5 local languages.

Over 8M impressions, with over 1.5M unique reach across 21 countries.

Overwhelmingly positive sentiment among target communities.

Engaged for a cause

In late 2019, Pacific countries were threatened by a resurgence in measles outbreaks that was likely to affect a large number of people travelling in the Pacific.

WHO and Unicef engaged Circul8 for a communications campaign targeting some of the specific issues and perceptions around measles and immunisations.

Understanding our audience.

Great messaging comes down to how well you understand your audience. We targeted the general public, travellers and healthcare facilities throughout the Pacific.

Instead of purely using fear to spur our audience into action, our strategy tapped into Pacific values. We focused our messaging around protecting the community and delivered it using colloquial language, colour and design motifs.

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A comprehensive toolkit.

We developed a comprehensive toolkit with assets that could be used in a variety of settings, ensuring adaptability and take up; this included animations, posters, airport banners, social media graphics and fact sheets.

Working with the Circul8 team has gone beyond expectations. Their dedicated team did a fantastic job in delivering a high quality product and marketing campaign for an emergency response, all the while working under tight timeframes and in a rapidly changing environment. Looking forward to working together again in the future!

Rose Aynsley, World Health Organization
Results during 6 week campaign period
0+ countries used the toolkit and 5 translated to their local language.
0.0M+ unique reach across 21 countries delivering over 8 millions impressions.
0k+ video views and over 466,000 engagements.
0k+ clicks to the dedicated WHO measles page.
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