Brunette woman holding blonde child in arms with silhouette of big mountain behind them

Treasure Every Moment

Building a brand platform that goes deeper.

Digital, social, and owned channels in 15 countries 
and 6 languages.
All assets shot with entirely local talent in real moments.
Webby Awards Honoree.

Brunette man sitting down with blonde child overlooking sea with big mountains behind

Building on a brand platform that went to the heart.

In 2022 we launched the ‘Feel Treasured’ brand platform for 
The Islands of Tahiti. Intended as an emotional call to action for travellers who were yearning to feel a deeper sense of connection with their loved ones and the culture and environment around them, ‘Feel Treasured’ also embodied the feeling of ‘Mana’ – the life force that is said to flow through everything in 
The Islands Of Tahiti.

Tahitian man with green plant crown on head smiling directly at the camera with yellow flower necklace

Looking beyond the honeymoon.

Treasure Every Moment was created to show a side of The Islands of Tahiti that many haven’t seen. A place beyond the classic honeymoon destination of the well known overwater bungalows of Bora Bora. The campaign was an invitation to take a more immersive journey into local life and an incredible range of activities and landscapes, every moment of which can offer something to be treasured.

Aerial shot of family eating dinner on table full of plants in middle of ocean surrounded by two sting rays

Aligning with inclusivity, sustainability and diversity goals.

The Treasure Every Moment campaign also aligned with the Tahitian government strategy to focus on “Inclusive and sustainable Tourism” where locals are both the drivers and beneficiaries of how tourism can drive the economy. Everything was shot authentically and organically capturing real moments with locals, encouraging people to slow down and immerse themselves in everything around them rather than just seeking the obvious tourist experiences.

As a B Corp-certified agency, Circul8 is proud to partner with destinations like The Islands of Tahiti 
that align with our values and are committed to inclusive and sustainable tourism.

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