Green fields with overlay text of Green Power logo

Social Content Creation

Turning renewable energy’s power back on.

Raised awareness of the GreenPower Program by 234% 
in the first 12 months.
Refreshed visual identity. 
Increased online conversations by 895% .

Illustration of solar panels and wind turbine

Renewing renewable energy’s social presence.

GreenPower’s goal is to power Australia on renewable energy, something we’re all for at Circul8. But their social channels had been inactive for over a year. Powering zero reach and zero engagement. Our challenge was to not only revive the brand’s social presence but foster a growing, thriving online community.

Green background with two charts on top depicting renewable energy facts

Planning for more than engagement metrics.

A new content and engagement strategy needed to be created. We ran a discovery workshop with the GreenPower team and conducted a landscape review and competitor analysis to understand their B2B and B2C audiences. This comprehensive audit guided us in developing  a compelling content series and paid media tactics that aligned with business objectives, not just engagement metrics.

Solid green background with Green Power logo and slogan in the middle

A renewed brand style and tone.

GreenPower’s visual style was revived to turn the brand from conservative to click-worthy. This new look was also reflected in its new tone; compelling, inclusive, genuine.
GreenPower now had the voice and style to drive its message.

Green grass and multiple wind turbines with heading and Green Power logo

Building an active community organically.

House rules were established and response frameworks were put in place to encourage respectful, healthy debate and mitigate ‘heated’ conversations. Listening tools allowed us to monitor and moderate discussions, weed out fake news and tailor our content strategy in real time. Staying on-the-ball around the clock allowed GreenPower to not only foster an active community organically, but also be at the centre of a very important conversation.

Two website mock ups side by side for Green Power


engagement rate (up from 3.05%) in the first three months
growth in fanbase
increase in 
organic reach
increase in engagement

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