Green background with Crop Count logo on the left next to phone and avocado

Crop Count

Building the forecast tool farmers count on.

World-first yield forecasting technology offers avocado growers 93% accuracy.
Made scientific research simple enough for anyone to use.
Significantly reduced the time to estimate yield.

Farmers in green high vis holding a phone and a clip board

Helping farmers predict the future.

To accurately forecast a harvest, you need to know how many fruits you have on your trees. Yield forecasts help farmers and the industry plan their harvests, resources and marketing. But until recently, the forecast process was time-consuming and inaccurate.

Screenshot of satellite imagery with yield forecast shown

A yield forecast with better than 90% accuracy.

CropCount combines satellite imagery with targeted on-ground sampling to produce a yield forecast with better than 90% accuracy. Using a sophisticated algorithm, CropCount identifies which trees should be counted to give the most accurate picture of health and yield across an orchard.

Green background images of two green phones with pictures of crop inside them

Making the technology so easy a backpacker can use it.

Our challenge was to marry the science with a practical way for farmers (and sometimes their seasonal workers) to accurately tally the crop. Our design sprint unearthed insights leading to a rapid prototype dovetailing into an agile production workflow. Design and engineering worked in tandem to create the interface, branding and develop the platform backend.

Baskets of bright green avocados

From farm-to-tablet.

We worked with farmers just as closely as we did scientists, rigorously testing early prototypes to gather valuable insights and to find out what would best fit with their farm management practices. We also had to consider devices and connectivity which was a big issue when out in the field. This meant building an app that worked effectively offline with the ability to sync when users were back online.

Examples of Crop Count brand and colour guidelines and phone mock ups


  • Crop Count is now moving into a commercialisation phase with guidance from 
the Department of Primary Industry
  • Growers take 9 hours to do their yield forecast, not the 500 hours they once did
  • Featured in growAG

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