Profile of Abies koreana plant with green plants behind it

Which Plant Where

Greening the cities of tomorrow.

An app providing a directory of 2600+ plants and their ability to withstand climate change.

Custom algorithm developed with horticulture professors 
at Macquarie University.

Monetised through a subscription service for commercial 
and government urban planners.

Apartment building block covered in green plants and nature

A world first for green space planners.

We worked with a team of researchers, government agencies, industry partners and nursery growers to design and develop an online tool for horticulturalists, city planners and architects to design green spaces that will be resilient in the face of climate change.

Man wearing glasses in a classroom holding scientific object

From research to commercialisation.

A research led project that developed as key features and barriers revealed themselves through testing, it was not initially considered a source of revenue. However, market interest led to it becoming a subscription service requiring integration with Macquarie University’s payment platform.

Two variations of Which Plant Where logo and colour brand guidelines

Design system, UX and brand working together as nature intended.

A comprehensive design system and brand aesthetic developed as part of the holistic relationship with usability, each seamlessly complimenting the other.

Which Plant Where logo in search bar with green plants as background

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