The Islands of Tahiti
A global tourism campaign swapping social distancing with seclusion.
  • Creative Concept
  • Editing & Sound Design
  • Visual Design
Logo of Tahiti Tourisme

Project highlights

Global recovery campaign produced in record time (six weeks).

Launched in 9 languages in 18 countries coinciding with the announcement of Tahiti’s reopening of international borders.

Created overwhelmingly positive sentiment toward the destination.

A world in lockdown.

2020 will go down as the strangest year in this still young millennium. Confined to quarantine and kept at an arm’s length from one another, we were left physically and emotionally disconnected from nature, each other and our sense of place in the world.

We wanted to get out. We needed to reconnect.

Repositioning The Islands

We produced a suite of creative that showed people how The Islands of Tahiti uniquely answered their deep emotional need to feel connected and positive about the world.

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Leveraging the islands’ existing draw cards, we reminded the world that they had waited long enough to feel rejuvenated by untouched natural beauty, recharged by serene seclusion and revived by a warm welcome from an even warmer culture and people.

Speaking seclusion in every language.

With the announcement of the reopening of its international borders, the campaign was launched in 18 countries and translated into 9 languages.

The islands of Tahiti were back on the map.

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