Reviving renewable energy’s social skills.
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Logo of GreenPower

Project highlights

Raised awareness of the GreenPower Program by 234% in the first 12 months.

Crafted a core visual identity. New look. Same vision.

Increased online conversations by 895% .

Turning the power back on.

GreenPower’s goal is to power Australia on renewable energy, something we’re all for.

But there was one thing getting in the way. Their social channels had been inactive for over a year. Engagement: zip. Reach: zilch. It was basically social suicide.

Our challenge was to not only revive the brand’s dormant social life but foster a growing, thriving online community.

Fresh start, fresh strat.

A new content and engagement strategy needed to be created from scratch. To kick things off, a discovery workshop was run with the GreenPower team.

This allowed us to conduct a landscape review and competitor analysis and breakdown their B2B and B2C audiences.

Through this comprehensive audit, we developed compelling content series and paid media tactics that aligned with actual business objectives, and not just engagement metrics.

A new look for renewable.

GreenPower’s visual style was given a makeover to turn the brand from conservative to click-worthy.

This new look was also reflected in its new tone; compelling, inclusive, genuine.

Greenpower now had a voice to suit its message, and the looks to match.

Community at the centre of attention.

First things first, house rules were instituted and response frameworks were put in place to encourage respectful, healthy debate and mitigate ‘heated’ conversations.

Listening tools were also employed as an empathetic response to community management, allowing us to monitor and moderate discussions, weed out fake news and tailor our content strategy in real time.

Staying on-the-ball around the clock allowed GreenPower to not only foster an active community organically, but also position themselves in the middle of a very important conversation.

The results

During the first three months:

0.00% engagement rate (up from 3.05%).
0% growth in fanbase (up to 44,999).
0% increase in organic reach (up to 216,798).
0% increase in engagement (up to 29,321).
Where to next?