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Turning fear into FOMO.
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Project highlights

New, innovative approach to crisis management and recovery.

Rapid response to market (launched three weeks after cyclone).

Peak visitor arrivals achieved just 4 months after Cyclone Winston.

A two-fold disaster.

Fiji was hit by Cyclone Winston in 2016. Although most of Fiji was unaffected, waves of negative media coverage portrayed the worst.

Arrival numbers plummeted. How do you combat front page news? How do you market something when the marketing material is now void?

The hashtag that turned fear into fomo.

We immediately launched #FijiNow, a market-ready social campaign that countered the negative press, showing Fiji was safe and perfectly fine to visit.

Image of Facebook campaign

Powered by people.

Leveraging the power of social proof, #FijiNow mobilised locals and travellers to share their photos of Fiji, effectively turning them into influencers. With each photo that got shared and hashtagged, we proved Fiji was “Bula as usual”.

Influencer support.

To amplify our message, we lined up a group of influencers with a collective following of over 1.3 million to travel to Fiji, share their experiences and the hashtag, and help turn global caution into consumer confidence.

Bringing it (and us) all together.

Aggreg8 was pivotal in sharing the collective image of Fiji with the world and bringing the whole campaign together in a very short timeframe.

Our content marketing platform, Aggreg8 was integrated onto the official Tourism Fiji site to showcase a live, dynamic feed of images tagged with #FijiNow.

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The results
Record visitors that year with a 5% increase
Peak arrivals achieved just 4 months after the cyclone
campaign impressions
social engagements
Over 0 uses of #FijiNow during campaign
0 increase of fans on social channels
0 views of video content during campaign
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