We created Tinder for bulls.
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Project highlights

First of its kind decision making tool for bull breeders.

Simplified herds of genetic data into farmer-friendly interface.

A better way to buy bulls.

Buying bulls is serious business, it involves sifting through complex genetic data to find the one that best suits your breeding requirements.

Many avoid the headache, choosing to select sires based on looks rather than genetics, which not only affects the quality of their stock, but Australia’s position as a top beef exporter.

Matching cattle breeder with bulls

Together with the NSW Department of Primary Industries, Meat Livestock Australia, we built DeSireBull, a world-first search engine to find bulls based on genetic data.

Simplifying genetic complexity.

Working alongside expert bull geneticists, we combined complex algorithms with dynamic data sources to calculate a bull's score based on their genetic profile. This score shows where true economic value lies.

Cutting the bull.

Much like Tinder, DeSireBull was developed to make the browsing and selection of bulls at auction; data-driven, user-friendly and accurate.

Steering the industry in the right direction.

Using an agile methodology, underpinned by design thinking, user research and creative smarts; we were able to incorporate complex scientific data and algorithms into a simple web-based interface.

For the first time, breeders can confidently buy and sell based on genetic merit, all from one convenient platform.

Next stop, the cattle yard.

DeSireBull is currently expanding to on-board multiple breeds and moving into a commercialisation phase.

Where to next?