Jewel Citizen
The launch of Changi’s stopover showstopper.
  • Creative Strategy
  • AR Effects
  • Influencer Mangement
  • Campaign Mangement
  • Development
Logo of Changi Airport Singapore

Project highlights

Created more buzz in Australia over Jewel than any other market .

Doubled all campaign KPIs.

Campaign received a Platinum award at the AVA Digital Awards.

Jewel citizenship

To appeal to seasoned Aussie travellers seeking exclusive experiences, we dangled a carrot they had never seen before.

A chance to become the world’s first Jewel citizen, and win a VIP Jewel holiday package.

Bling bling.

Jewel is the 8th wonder of the world. Fact.

The world-first airport complex features a retail space right in the middle of a 4-storey rainforest, complete with the world’s tallest indoor waterfall.

The best airport in the world had a shiny new toy. And it wanted Aussies to come over to play.

Passports, please.

To become the world’s first Jewel citizen, we got Australians to apply for ‘Jewel citizenship’ through a low-barrier, interactive experience, designed as a faux immigration questionnaire.

Users started their citizenship journey by entering their details and submitting their ‘passport’ photo using the bespoke Facebook AR camera effect.

They then tried their luck at the citizenship test to encourage people to explore and learn more about Jewel.

To complete the journey, users submitted their citizenship application, along with their test score (the higher the score, the better their chance of winning).

Using influencers the right way

It’s not how many you get, it’s how you use them.

We handpicked influencers who had the audiences we couldn’t reach on our own, and tasked them with promoting the aspects of Jewel that aligned with their followership.

This way we made sure we reached our audience with relevant content they’d love.

The results
0 users explored the Jewel website.
0 unique entries into the competition.
0.0M+ impressions for organic and paid media.
0+ engagements with influencer content.
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