The Treasured Test

Proving that The Islands of Tahiti are welcoming to LGBTQI+ travellers.

Digital, social, and owned channels in three languages.
All assets shot with LGBTQI+ community members – no actors.
Made in consultation with global LGBTQI+ community.

2 lesbians ladies with flower lays

Raising awareness of the authentic welcome offered to all.

Many destinations have the potential to make LGBTQI+ travellers feel uncomfortable or discriminated against. In addition, many gay destinations only cater to a younger, male, ‘party’ audience. Our challenge was communicating the range of experiences available and history of cultural acceptance that makes The Islands of Tahiti an inclusive place for all LGBTQI+ travellers.

2 french gay guys with flower lays

More than an advertising campaign, proving it with the community.

The LGBTQI+ community is sensitive to ‘rainbow washing’, so we set out to prove the inclusivity was real. ‘The Treasured Test’ was an invitation to LGBTQI+ travellers to ‘test’ the welcome in The Islands of Tahiti and report back. It was vital that the ’testers’ were ‘real’ people so we reached out to the LGBTQI+ community to cast a diverse group to come and experience the culture.

2 transmale in tahiti with flower lays

Representing diversity with authenticity.

With a lesbian couple, a gay couple and two trans men plus acclaimed Tahitian director Virginie Tetoofa (also part of the LGBTQI+ community) behind the camera as well, the group experienced everything The Islands of Tahiti have to offer. Each member reported that they felt genuinely welcomed everywhere, proof that everyone will ‘feel treasured’ in The Islands of Tahiti.

“We’ll be talking about this for the rest of our lives” – Jen, LGBTQI+ traveller and ‘tester’.

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