Keep Australia Beautiful Week: C8’s 7-Day Plastic Pledges

This year, Keep Australia Beautiful Week falls between the 16-22 August. Founded in 1968, Keep Australia Beautiful was Australia’s first sustainable and anti-litter campaigner. Since then, they’ve been working to raise awareness on how we can all live more sustainably.

This year, KAB week is putting single-use plastic in the spotlight and asking Australians to pledge to refuse it to prevent it from becoming litter. Plastic that ends up in nature can take up to 500 years to decompose and can harm animals that ingest it.

Here at Circul8 we encourage sustainable management of our resources to establish harmony with, and help conserve, our natural ecosystems. We asked some of our Circul8ers to share how they reduce their use of single-use plastic and turn this action into a 7-Day Plastic Pledge to inspire others for KAB week. Here’s what each team member does to help keep Australia beautiful!


Janine (Head of Production)

My 7-Day Plastic Pledge is to buy fruit from delivery options which don’t have the small plastic stickers on each piece of fruit. They are my pet hate! Although I’ve recently discovered that if you stick them onto soft plastics you can recycle them.


Alice (Client Business Director)

My 7-Day Plastic Pledge is to eliminate any plastic in the kids lunch boxes by buying all produce loose where possible.


Audrey (Delivery Director)

My 7-Day Plastic Pledge is to use reusable straws so I don’t contribute to single-use plastic straws ending up in landfil.


Aimee (Social Media Manager)

My 7-Day Plastic Pledge is to reduce my consumption of plastic bottles by using my Sodastream.


Alana (Founder & Managing Director)

My 7-Day Plastic Pledge is to use compostable bags for carrying my daily snacks instead of the plastic ones. These compostable bags from Multix are perfect.


Jess (Designer)

My 7-Day Plastic Pledge is to use compostible bin liners and snack bags and plastic-free cling wrap made from sugar cane.


Honza (Technical Director)

My 7-Day Plastic Pledge is to harvest and eat from my veggie patch to avoid purchasing vegetables wrapped in plastic from the supermarket.




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