Illustration of two kids in a green forest with flowers overlooking Sydney city

Australian Museum
Sydney Science Trail

Making learning
exciting for kids.

Over 39,700 quizzes completed by 26,708 unique users.
Quiz engagement was 13 min per session.
W3 Silver Award for General Website: Science.

Illustration of child with magnifying glass looking at plants in a green garden

Creating a compelling learning experience online.

Sydney Science Trail is a week-long event that promotes the achievements and research of Australian scientists. The challenge was to take a successful real world event and turn it into a compelling online learning experience for primary school students.

Four different coloured sections labelled Technology, Animals, Space, Earth and Plants

UX and visuals combined to engage.

We designed and illustrated five worlds to represent the themes of the week: Earth, Space, Animals, Technology and Plants. The draggable map interface combined with these illustrations created a highly engaging user experience. A competition was included to help build the database.

Content creation for kids example illustrated with a crayfish cartoon

Content creation with scale and accuracy.

We worked with over forty partner organisations to produce scientific content for the trail.
It was a complex exercise reworking content to create a consistent experience that showcased amazing scientific achievements and knowledge with the required accuracy.

Two graphics side by side, one of Kookaburra and the other one of two people in a big garden


unique users over the month-long event
video content playbacks
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