Tinder Takeover
Innovative marketing to raise awareness.
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Project highlights

The world’s first campaign to use Tinder as a marketing platform.

Thousands of Aussie singles swiped right for women’s rights.

Widespread coverage from press, tech blogs and charity sites.

Most of us have the freedom of choice. Millions of women don’t.

Amnesty International Australia asked us to deliver this message to the women of Australia.

We went straight to the one place where millions of women exercise their right of choice everyday.

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A swipe right for women’s rights.

We set up Tinder ‘profiles’ across the country. As women swiped through people in their area, they were invariably met with our profiles, and our message.

Once ‘matched’, women could click through to the fully-responsive campaign site to sign up, have their say and show support.

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Serious chemistry.

Hundreds of women changed their user profiles in solidarity. Thousands of choices were made on the campaign site.

The results
0 choices made on the campaign website
Widespread coverage from press, tech blogs, social and charity sites
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