A forecast tool farmers can count on.
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Project highlights

Featured in growAG.: World-first yield forecasting technology offers avocado growers 93% accuracy.

Made complicated scientific research simple enough for anyone to use.

Significantly reduced the time to estimate yield.

Opportunity ripe for the picking.

We love all things avocados. We love all things apps. So when we were asked us to work with top-notch scientists to put the latest crop forecasting science into our farmers’ hands, we jumped at it like two-for-one avos at our local.

Avocado 101.

To accurately forecast a harvest, you need to know how many fruits you have on your trees. Yield forecasts help farmers and the industry plan their harvests, resources and marketing. But until recently, the forecast process was time-consuming and inaccurate — enter CropCount.

Helping farmers predict the future.

We collaborated with expert scientists who specialised in forecasting models.

Our job was to marry the complicated science stuff with a practical way for farmers to accurately tally their crop.

A sprint to the start.

We kicked off the project with a Design Sprint. In only one week we unearthed insights, designed a rapid prototype and tested it with growers.

The sprint dovetailed into an agile production workflow, with design and engineering working in tandem to create the interface, branding and develop the platform backend.

The big picture on the small screen.

The mobile app combines satellite imagery with targeted on-ground sampling to produce a yield forecast with better than 90% accuracy.

This data is then used to generate a forecast of how many avocados a farmer can expect to harvest that season.


We worked with farmers just as closely as we did scientists, rigorously testing early prototypes to gather valuable insights and to find out what would best fit with their existing farm management practices.

We also had to consider devices and connectivity which was a big issue when out in the field. This meant building an app that worked effectively offline with the ability to sync when users were back online.

For a couple of backpackers who have never looked at it, they could pick it up straight away — that's a good sign.

Matt, Blue Sky Produce

Smashing it out of the farm.

Due to a highly successful prototype phase with early trials receiving extremely positive feedback from growers, Crop Count is now moving into a commercialisation phase with guidance from the Department of Primary Industry.

With CropCount, growers take 9 hours to do their yield forecast, not the 500 hours they once did.

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