Clean Oceans
Creating a brand with purpose.
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Logo of Clean Oceans

Project highlights

Created and launched brand that aligns with our own.

Developed and rolled-out marketing strategy.

Aligning an NFP with its North Star

Clean Oceans is a not-for-profit with a mission: Ban all single use plastics on every Australian beach by 2025.

They had a name. They had a vision.

They just needed a brand.

Building a brand that leaves a mark.

Clean Oceans needed something that embodied their mission, established a compelling, non-passive tone, and spoke to behaviourial change.

Instead of creating a brand that told the world what Clean Oceans do, we created one that told the world what to do. We made it a call to arms.

We created a distinctive mark that combined elements of beach side culture with anti-plastic iconography.

Let’s make one thing clear captured everything they were about; collaborative, action-based, and single-minded in mission.

Grassroots on sand

We took to the streets and the surf, holding events at Surf Live Saving clubs and Nippers, and partnered with likeminded brands and organisations.

Branded water bottles were sold alongside permanent refill stations set up along Sydney's beaches.

The bottles were not only used as a practical device to encourage behaviour change but to reinforce Clean Oceans as an organisation that speaks through action.

All merchandise proceeds were and are still funnelled back into expanding the brand's physical presence on more beaches.

Making waves in the right channels

Our content marketing strategy centred on activism. We weren't after thumbs up. We wanted helping hands.

We leveraged ongoing share-worthy content to not only build a loyal following, but a volunteer base — something we wouldn't be able to pull off with a traditional above-the-line approach.

The results
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