Changi Escape Challenge
Engaging future global travellers using an interactive game.
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  • Development
  • Campaign Management
Logo of Changi Airport Singapore

Project highlights

Over 16,000 entrants ‘escaped’ and entered the competition.

Kept Changi brand top of mind for core global audiences during travel lockdown.

Delivered 4 times the KPIs on website visits.

GOLD Davey Award for best Contest & Promotion.

A virtual Changi Airport

With international travel restricted and Australian borders closed, Changi Airport needed to engage fans in a virtual way, continuing to build brand love and remain top of mind.

Designing our own Escape Room.

Leveraging the popularity of escape rooms globally, Circul8 developed the Changi Escape Challenge. Players were directed to a captivating website and took on the role of a famous celebrity transiting through Singapore and challenged to solve 4 riddles in order to escape and catch their flight.

The campaign promoted Changi’s key attractions in a fun, entertaining and sharable way, elevating the Changi brand during lockdown when minimal travel was permitted.

Communication and recovery strategy.

Circul8 also developed a recovery strategy to assist Changi in their communication during the pandemic.

The Changi Escape Challenge brought light hearted fun to the audience while travel was restricted, which was in line with the pre-play pillar of the strategy we recommended.

The campaign was promoted through web, eDM, organic social and paid social with 5 lucky people winning a ‘Staycation’ in the form of travel vouchers.

Can you escape the Changi Escape Challenge?

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