Bringing a diverse world view

June 20, 2022

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The C8 team come from all corners of the globe – from Australia, Hong Kong to France, Europe, Brazil and Peru so collectively we bring a cross-cultural lens to our work.

Not only does having a culturally diverse team make work (and lunch food choices) more interesting, according to Forbes research shows it fuels creativity and decision making while also being good for the bottom line.

As a certified B Corp, Circul8 is committed to furthering positive change in alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by focusing our work on four Enrichment Areas: ‘Environment & Sustainability’, ‘Health & Wellbeing’, ‘Education & Technology’ and ‘Community, Culture & Equality’.

Our ‘Community, Culture & Equality’ pillar is about fostering an inclusive culture which embraces the uniqueness of our world’s diverse cultures and people. As for what this looks like in the office, we learn lots of things off each other (did you know they cut birthday cakes in Brazil from the bottom up?)

In the spirit of C8’s ‘Community, Culture and Equality’ theme, the C8 team explored their ancestral roots with DNA testing and were amazed to discover the depth of the team’s DNA results which span all corners of the globe. Collectively the C8 team brings a world of cultural perspectives to their work – key to engaging people from all corners of the planet.

If you’d like to learn how our global family can help your brand or organisation enrich tomorrow, contact us.

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