Becoming the change

With its roots firmly planted in social good, Circul8 has grown to become an internationally recognised creative and innovation agency that has worked with hundreds of clients to enrich people’s lives over the past 15 years. Our founder and managing director Alana Stocks shares her reflections on what it means to become a certified B Corporation.

What inspired you to become a certified B Corp?

We’ve always been a B Corp at heart. Becoming certified has made this official and allowed us to align ourselves with a bigger global movement where we can create greater widespread change. In becoming a certified B Corp we’re demonstrating by example how businesses can be a force for good. 

We are very proud to have joined the movement of 4,900+ B Corps around the world who are leading the way to shape a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable way of doing business that enriches people and the planet. There are now 410 B Corps in Australia and NZ!

Becoming a B Corp required a thorough assessment to measure our positive social and environmental impact and embedding stakeholder governance into our company’s constitution which ensures we consider the long-term impacts on communities, employees, and the environment to inform our decision making.

This framework holds us accountable to walk the talk and be the change.

What makes your B Corp unique as a business? Tell us about Circul8’s vision to enrich tomorrow.

We aim to enrich the world around us by doing work that does good. We’re focused on creating brands, campaigns and digital products that add a little positivity to everyone. 

We love working with clients who share our progressive values and are purpose-driven which in turn enriches their brands and organisations. And we like to make working with us, and for us, an enriching experience too.

The United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to build a more prosperous, more equal, and more secure world by the year 2030 and 193 countries are on board with this vital UN initiative. We have drawn parallels between our work with clients and the UN’s SDGs and we have identified four key Enrichment Areas: 

  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Community, Culture & Equality 
  • Education & Technology

Our Enrichment Areas focus our work with clients to have a positive impact on the future.

B Corps want to help transform our economy to one that is inclusive, sustainable, and regenerative. What business practice do you want to see become the norm?

Businesses switching to renewable energy. It’s one of the best ways to reduce a company’s carbon footprint and not only does this boost renewables in your country, in our case Australia, it gives governments a red hot signal that we’re serious about wanting our country to transition to renewable energy. At Circul8 we’re lucky enough to be powered by Greenpower and also have them as one of our clients!

Talk to us about how Circul8 can help your organisation enrich tomorrow.

Circul8’s work with clients largely aligns with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals which has informed the development of 4 Enrichment Areas.

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