Who we are

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Circul8 is an internationally recognised creative and innovation agency that builds brands, campaigns and digital products that enrich people’s lives.

We’ve been in the game since digital was just booting up, and are proof that good things come in boutique packages.

Any smaller and we couldn’t be a full-service team. Any bigger, and we’d slow us both down.

Our five never nots


Never not learning

The curious always
find a better way.


Never not

Shaking things up is how
we change
how the world
talks about business.


Never not getting
the ball rollin’

If we want to be part of the
conversation, we start it.


Never not

We position and distribute
the campaign strategically,
finetuning things along the
way for impeccable delivery.


Never not
a force
for good

Good work is work
that does good.


11 Webby Awards

1 Winner
3 People’s Voice
7 Honoree

10 W3 Awards

2 Gold
8 Silver

4 Davey Awards

3 Gold
1 Silver

3 AIMIA Awards

1 Winner
2 Finalist

3 Marcom Awards

Platinum AVA Digital Award
Gold MARCOM Award
Silver Travel Marketing Award

2 Communicator Award

1 Winner
1 Distinction