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Plant Life Balance


The central challenge for this project was to grow the consumer market for and increase sales of plants and trees in Australia.  Circul8 was engaged as creative and technical consultant by Horticulture Innovation Australia and partner agency Republic of Everyone to develop an innovative approach to encourage people to buy more plants. Two key insights discovered through research conducted by RMIT drove the strategy behind the project:

1. That health and wellbeing benefits motivate people to buy more plants and trees

2. Lack of confidence to grow things as well as a lack of space are key barriers which prevent people from buying plants and trees.

The objective for us was to translate the research from RMIT into an engaging digital experience that would inspire people to experiment with new plants in their homes and then based on that experience, buy plants that they had visualised in their homes.


We identified an opportunity to use augmented reality within a mobile app to help people rate the health of their space (based on how many plants they have), learn about the benefits of different indoor plants and then find out where they can buy the best ones for their space. Users are able to take a photo of their living spaces (both indoors and outdoors), rate them based on a ‘wellness index’ and then see how they can style their spaces with plants and also improve their rating. Both experiences ultimately lead the user to a recommendation of new plants to improve their space as well as a tangible shopping list of real plants that they can then take to their local plant nursery to purchase.

Circul8 was responsible for the creative concept and technical aspects of the project including functional specs, UX and UI, technical design, copywriting, interactivity/gamification, algorithm development, app development and delivery for both android and iOS platforms.


– 20,000+ downloads since launch (6 weeks)
– 31,000 sessions since launch (6 weeks)
– 4.9 star reviews in Google Play & App Store
– 4 minutes average session time
– Downloaded in 122 countries
– 46% reach of female
– 36% returning users
– Covered across a range of media including Today Show Channel 9



Download the App: Click Here





In April 2017, Chicago Tribune confidently declared in its film review: “adults not particularly interested in ‘The Fate of the Furious’ can re-enter a movie theatre with confidence”. They were talking about the film, ‘Norman’.

While Hollywood continued to churn out blockbusters with all flash and minimal substance, along came a refreshing alternative for cinemagoers. Meet ‘Norman’, an indie movie that provides a fascinating character study of a New York fixer that’s part thriller, satire, and tragedy.

We were tasked by the indie film distributor, BFG (Becker Film Group) with developing a 2-week digital marketing campaign to promote the film one week before and after its release date on May 25th, 2017.

For the movie, we needed to increase awareness and trailer views. For BFG, we needed to boost website traffic and increase engagement on its social media channels.

Despite Norman’s star-studded cast including Richard Gere, Steve Buscemi and Charlotte Gainsbourg, promoting the film wasn’t easy. Jewish archetypes and politics feature prominently – in other words, the film had niche appeal.

Our challenge was to reach a Jewish audience without alienating everyone else.


In order to maximise our audience reach, we segmented our audience group based on their interests, preferences and behaviours and carefully targeted them with different messaging:

– We leveraged the strong cast and built credibility through positive reception from film critics.

– We targeted people’s interest in similar content with hashtags reaching a larger audience and boosting content engagement.

– As we were not able to directly target people by their religion, we created messaging that would resonate with the Jewish community.

– We also targeted people’s interest in business and politics.

All of this was employed through a mix of paid and organic posts on social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.

Amplifying Norman

Seeing that the main character Norman is a social connector in the movie, we used this theme as inspiration for a social media competition where people were asked to nominate a friend they’d like to see the film with. Naturally, many people tagged their friend in their entries, thus spreading awareness of the film to a wider audience. 5 lucky winners each scored 2 tickets to enjoy the film with their chosen friend.


– 365,489 trailer views
– Over 779,000 content reach
– Over 671,500 content impressions
– Over 6,900 social media post engagements
– Over 6,500 visits to BFG’s website
– BFG social channels grew by 546 fans
– 381 competition entries




On 20 February 2016 Fiji was hit by the biggest storm in the country’s history, Cyclone Winston. In the wake of Cyclone Winston, visitor arrivals to Fiji plummeted. Tourism Fiji needed a market-ready campaign to counteract the negative media that was making people nervous about travelling to Fiji and cancelling their holidays.



The most authentic and believable way to show that Cyclone Winston hadn’t affected some parts of Fiji was to publish real-time images of unaffected areas of Fiji and the fastest way to get this to market was Social Media. We immediately launched the #Fijinow hashtag encouraging people on the ground in Fiji to become our content creators and share imagery. Circul8 created a tagline ‘Bula As Usual’ to echo the bula spirit of the Fijian people during this recovery time.

We lined up a group of social media influencers with a global following of over 1.3 million to travel to Fiji and share their experiences in real-time. Our influencers were tasked with demonstrating to their followers around the world on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Snapchat that “This is Fiji Now”, it’s “Bula as Usual” and Fiji had recovered quickly and many resorts had returned to normal. The influencers also promoted our campaign hashtag.

Circul8 set up a bespoke version of our custom content aggregation tool, Aggreg8, to feature as a campaign hub on the official Tourism Fiji website and dynamically show a live updated feed of images directly from our influencers in Fiji and other travellers using the hashtag #fijinow.


  • – The #FijiNow campaign restored consumer confidence to book a holiday to Fiji.
  • – Fiji visitor arrivals are at record levels in 2016 with a 4.8% increase in visitors in August 2016.
  • – Video content received over 627,000 views
  • – 1.16 million engagements on social media
  • – 25 million campaign impressions
  • – Tourism Fiji social channels grew by 19,330 fans
  • – Estimated media value of campaign $290,000



Paradise Begins with Aloha


Hawaii Tourism came to us with a problem. They wanted to distinguish themselves from other island tourism destinations in the Pacific available to Australians and increase bookings made during the off peak period.




We began with one question: what makes the Hawaiian Islands unique? White sand beaches, crystal clear waters and panoramic vistas await travellers to these islands in the middle of the Pacific, but what truly makes Hawaii a paradise is the spirit of aloha that shines through in welcoming smiles, friendly gestures and warm greetings.

Paradise begins with Aloha.

We created a campaign that would emphasise this spirit, inviting users to head to our visually immersive website, to explore what’s on offer across the four main islands and to create their own custom itinerary for a trip to Hawaii from a selection of activities that would best capture the aloha spirit. 

The campaign was promoted through paid media on social and through eDMs, through display banners and through 30 second and 15 second pre-roll videos for each of Hawaii’s four main islands.



The campaign immediately started to generate interest for all four of the Hawaiian islands as people fell in love with the Aloha spirit and the experiences on offer.

This was reflected in the incredibly high level of engagement of people visiting the website. Users interacted with the content multiple times and spent on average over 6 minutes on the page. Over 1 million interactions were made with the campaign, with an almost even dispersement of engagements per island. The lack of significant drop off between islands shows that the campaign generated wide awareness of the offerings available through the four main islands and of the unique aloha spirit.

Combine this user interaction with over 14 million paid media impressions and it’s clear that the campaign well and truly established the spirit of aloha as an incredible and unique travel offering, only available in the Hawaiian Islands.


Vanuatu, Discover What Matters


In March 2015 Tropical Cyclone Pam, the most powerful cyclone to ever hit the Pacific, devastated Vanuatu in what was one of the worst natural disasters in the history of this small nation. This all but crushed the country’s tourism industry. Flights were cancelled, resorts were empty, the money that tourism brings could not be used to help kick start Vanuatu’s resurgence.

Following the restoration of people’s homes and basic services, Vanuatu needed a recovery campaign, one that could raise awareness of Vanuatu’s offering amongst the Australian and New Zealand public, remind them of the natural beauty, welcoming people, and incredible experiences available, and inspire them to book flights and travel to Vanuatu.




We started by establishing an overarching creative concept to run out through multiple channels. Our creative concept returned to the core of what makes Vanuatu an incredible destination, establishing eight defining tenets. In a world where we are constantly switched on and caught up amongst our immediate concerns, it’s easy to lose sight of what matters; Vanuatu is a place where you can slow down, refocus, breathe, take it all in, and discover what matters.

Our first step was to create a new, visually spectacular website where people could firstly be inspired to travel to Vanuatu, and secondly, could easily access all the information they required to book a trip. The 8 central tenets were key to the structure of content through both the inspiration and information channels.

We created a TVC to reach our broad target audience with an emotive story driven message. Here, we show a middle aged working couple, successful but caught up in the needless distractions of modern life, who are following the guidance of an older wiser narrator, and discovering that what matters has been right in front of them all along. The awareness element of the campaign was supported further through paid media and print media across travel and specialty magazines.

Our TVC was followed by an engagement campaign that prompted the general public to focus on the unappreciated friendships that have been right in front of them all along, inviting them to share a moment between themselves and a friend that was important to them, for the chance to win a trip to Vanuatu, where they could slow down and forge new unforgettable memories with their friends.




Vanuatu saw a 22% lift in visitor arrivals from Australia as a result of the campaign.

Further, the campaign provided lasting platforms, assets and marketing tools to Vanuatu Tourism Organisation that they can continue to utilise. The 8 central tenets established through the campaign have come to define Vanuatu, and will continue to provide content and campaign themes into the future.



Tinder Takeover

Women around the world cannot choose how they live their life. Amnesty International Australia wanted more women aged 18-24 to know about their work in this area – particularly the plight of women in Afghanistan.



We took Amnesty’s message where none had taken it before, where the freedom to choose happens all the time: social discovery app, Tinder.

Our Tinder Takeover campaign was a world-first. Launching on International Women’s Day 2014, the campaign used the online dating profiles of Tinder to increase awareness of women’s rights by displaying hard-hitting messaging such as, “Not all women have the power to choose like you do”, in Tinder profiles.

The Tinder account directed users to a cutting-edge, fully-responsive HTML5 campaign site that extended the conversation around ‘choice’. The site detailed the rights abuses many women face as well as the work Amnesty does to stand up for them, and encouraged users to sign up and show support.



Thousands chose to listen. The campaign’s mix innovative approach to highlight an important issue caught the eye of global media (including The Telegraph and The Guardian) as well as countless tech/human rights blogs.

“We went out with an open brief and were prepared to take a risk. Circul8 delivered a really original concept. We certainly learnt through this successful experiment: if you want innovation you need to provide and leave room for creativity.”  – Caroline Easter, Amnesty International Australia (in The Guardian)

Over 10,000 choices made on the website



Webby Award 2015 (People’s Voice Award for Interactive Advertising: Online Guerilla & Innovation)
Webby Award Nominee 2015 (Best Use of Online Media)
IAB Australia Creative Showcase 8.6 2014
W3 Award 2014 (Silver) 2014
Davey Award 2014 (Gold & Silver)
Webby Fifty


Japan National Tourism Organization


We were tasked with a complete rebuild of the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) website to bring in line with digital best practices, align better with core brand values and communicate more effectively with the need states of end users.


We took direct inspiration from JNTO’s brand slogan of “Endless Discovery” and embodied this concept through the information heirachy, graphic design, tone of voice and user interface design of the site.

In practice, this was executed through an endless side scrolling configurable content feed at the top of the website showing all content from the site and then an endless user generated feed of images from social media at the bottom of the page using Circul8’s bespoke social content streaming software, Aggreg8.


JNTO now have a fully brand aligned and responsive owned web channel that allows them to communicate more effectively with the Australian market.

This was launched in conjunction with social media management and a campaign, “The Magic Sakura”.


The Magic Sakura


We were tasked with creating a social media campaign to engage, inspire and educate users about Japan. Additionally the campaign needed to increase JNTO’s social following and grow the database.


“Hanami” is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the transient beauty of flowers, almost always in reference to those of the cherry blossom tree (Sakura) in spring. Our research showed us that our target audience were within the casual gaming market on Facebook, so we combined these two insights and created an origami inspired HTML5 tamagotchi style mini-game wherein consumers could grow and nurture their very own virtual Japanese Sakura tree as well as learn about popular Japanese culture and travel destinations within Japan. As the tree matures and is kept healthy, mythical Japanese creatures fly through the scene and lanterns appear on its branches for the player to collect and earn points. Collecting 50 lanterns earned the player a chance to win a trip to Japan with a friend, to view the cherry blossoms in real life.


Within the first few days of launch we had over 3,000 players organically. We knew instantly we were onto a winner.

As the campaign continued we saw engagement sky rocket with over 31% increase in Facebook fans, 175% increase in engagement on social posts, 11+ million game interactions and a dwell time average of 17+ minutes per session. The fans went crazy for growing their own virtual sakura tree and 85% of players returned to the site. Our winning player picked up a free holiday to Japan to experience Hanami for themselves.


Discover Magical Kenya


Kenya is a rich and diverse holiday destination with many different experiences on offer to Australian travellers. How can we highlight all the different aspects of a holiday in Kenya in a way that resonates with the Australian market?


We sent 5 influencers to Kenya, each tasked with documenting different product categories that Kenya wanted to highlight: Wildlife, Adventure, Luxury, Culture and Conservation.  We then used this content to create 5 themed stories of their experiences, with the public able to enter to win that adventure at the end of each. Our campaign partner, Canon, opened up exposure to an even wider audience. 


We hit double our target for database growth with more than 50% of traffic to the website from new users and an average bounce rate below 35%. The users loved the campaign and gained a new awareness of the various of experiences on offer from a destination like Kenya.




To create a digital/social campaign that creates awareness of Fiji being a place that “will make you happier than anywhere else in the world” whilst driving database growth and an increase in fans across Facebook.


Born from the insight that sunsets receive unprecedented engagement on social media and Sunset Relaxation Therapy being a proven therapeutic measure to reduce stress, we proposed Fiji SUN-SET.

We invited users to kick back, relax and enjoy a minute of soothing sunsets direct from Fiji. After the minute, they were able to enter to win an all expenses paid trip to visit the shores of the happiest place on earth and see the Fijian sunset for themselves.


The campaign yielded huge results, with a reach of over 5.7M, database growth over 115k and a fan boost of +95K.

An incredible 92% of users viewing the microsite went on to enter the competition.