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Category: Mobile


Japan National Tourism Organization


We were tasked with a complete rebuild of the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) website to bring in line with digital best practices, align better with core brand values and communicate more effectively with the need states of end users.


We took direct inspiration from JNTO’s brand slogan of “Endless Discovery” and embodied this concept through the information heirachy, graphic design, tone of voice and user interface design of the site.

In practice, this was executed through an endless side scrolling configurable content feed at the top of the website showing all content from the site and then an endless user generated feed of images from social media at the bottom of the page using Circul8’s bespoke social content streaming software, Aggreg8.


JNTO now have a fully brand aligned and responsive owned web channel that allows them to communicate more effectively with the Australian market.

This was launched in conjunction with social media management and a campaign, “The Magic Sakura”.


Gif Wrap


Wrapping paper is usually bad, bland and tacky. We wanted to bring wrapping back to life.



We combined the long-held tradition of sharing gifts around the Christmas tree, with the modern-day habit of sharing GIFs around the office, and created GIFwrap – the world’s first interactive GIF-themed gift wrap.

All users had to do was pick, print, wrap and then scan their wrap with AR reader app Layar, and their selected GIF would reanimate before their eyes.



Unanimously loved by our clients, adored by parents and their kids, and nominated for the Augmented Reality category of the 2014 Webby Awards – GIFwrap got a very good wrap.



Find Fashion by Feelings


Wool was not seen as “cool”. The Woolmark Company asked us to reweave the perception that wool is only good for nannas with knitting needles and reach a new generation of wool consumers.


Leveraging research that the premium ‘feel’ of wool was at the top of buyer’s minds, we created a fully integrated social media campaign, kicked off with Find Fashion By Feelings.

Find Fashion By Feelings was a global competition to find the most loved wool look, run in partnership with Westfield Sydney. Users submitted their look under a feeling category (cute, sexy, dark etc.) for the chance to win.


Find Fashion By Feelings accrued over 1.1m page views, reached 112m people and made 120m media impressions. Take that, nanna!

  • 18,000 looks and 8,000 comments posted
  • 2400% email database growth
  • Awarded FWA Site of the Day, Dope and W3 Awards