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In April 2017, Chicago Tribune confidently declared in its film review: “adults not particularly interested in ‘The Fate of the Furious’ can re-enter a movie theatre with confidence”. They were talking about the film, ‘Norman’.

While Hollywood continued to churn out blockbusters with all flash and minimal substance, along came a refreshing alternative for cinemagoers. Meet ‘Norman’, an indie movie that provides a fascinating character study of a New York fixer that’s part thriller, satire, and tragedy.

We were tasked by the indie film distributor, BFG (Becker Film Group) with developing a 2-week digital marketing campaign to promote the film one week before and after its release date on May 25th, 2017.

For the movie, we needed to increase awareness and trailer views. For BFG, we needed to boost website traffic and increase engagement on its social media channels.

Despite Norman’s star-studded cast including Richard Gere, Steve Buscemi and Charlotte Gainsbourg, promoting the film wasn’t easy. Jewish archetypes and politics feature prominently – in other words, the film had niche appeal.

Our challenge was to reach a Jewish audience without alienating everyone else.


In order to maximise our audience reach, we segmented our audience group based on their interests, preferences and behaviours and carefully targeted them with different messaging:

– We leveraged the strong cast and built credibility through positive reception from film critics.

– We targeted people’s interest in similar content with hashtags reaching a larger audience and boosting content engagement.

– As we were not able to directly target people by their religion, we created messaging that would resonate with the Jewish community.

– We also targeted people’s interest in business and politics.

All of this was employed through a mix of paid and organic posts on social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.

Amplifying Norman

Seeing that the main character Norman is a social connector in the movie, we used this theme as inspiration for a social media competition where people were asked to nominate a friend they’d like to see the film with. Naturally, many people tagged their friend in their entries, thus spreading awareness of the film to a wider audience. 5 lucky winners each scored 2 tickets to enjoy the film with their chosen friend.


– 365,489 trailer views
– Over 779,000 content reach
– Over 671,500 content impressions
– Over 6,900 social media post engagements
– Over 6,500 visits to BFG’s website
– BFG social channels grew by 546 fans
– 381 competition entries


Unified Weapons Master


Unified Weapons Master (UWM) is heralded as the next great super sport of our times; the high tech future of weapons based martial arts.

UWM required an integrated social strategy to spread awareness, increase engagement and ultimately gain momentum towards their first live events.


After a comprehensive audit of UWM’s existing marketing activity, we took ownership of their social channels and implemented a comprehensive strategy that combined each of their owned channels to create a social ecosystem driven by consistent content framework, tone of voice and visual language.