Sydney Science Trail
Turning a live kids event virtual.
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  • Visual Design
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  • Content & Copywriting
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Project highlights

Over 39,700 themed quizzes completed.

Quiz engagement was 13 min per session, 6 times above average.

W3 Silver Award for the General Website: Science

A compelling online experience.

Sydney Science Trail is a week-long event that promotes the achievements and research of Australian scientists.

With society in lockdown, the challenge was to take a successful real world event and turn it into a compelling online experience.

The Sydney Science Trail aims to attract primary school students and position science as an exciting subject to explore.

We designed and illustrated five worlds to represent the themes of the week; Earth, Space, Animals, Technology and Plants.

The draggable map interface combined with these beautiful illustrations creates a lush and visually inspiring website.

Guerrilla user testing.

We believe that user testing always pays off. So when timing and budget is too tight to run structured sessions, we perform quick, low cost and highly targeted guerrilla testing to validate insights and help inform strategic design decisions.

In this case, we looked for overall impressions on multiple concepts and reception to activities and incentives.

Interactivity and engagement.

We created quizzes and badges to keep users engaged and encourage them to explore more content. A competition was included to help build the marketing database.

Images of Sydney Science Trail badges

Content creation.

We worked with over forty partner organisations to produce scientific content for the trail.

It was a complex exercise wrangling, writing and reworking content to create a consistent and cohesive experience that showcases amazing scientific achievements and knowledge.

Circul8 was incredible to work with. They were passionate about our project and went above and beyond to create an exciting digital experience. I would very much enjoy working with them again.

Victoria Tasker, Producer, Australian Museum

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The results
W3 Silver award for general website: science
0 unique users over the month long event.
0 video content playbacks.
0 external science partner content views.
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