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Meet Annie

Say hello to Annie Chesterman, our new General Manager. Getting Annie on board is like a trophy in itself and to be honest, we now couldn’t imagine life without her. She brings a breath of fresh air and a wealth of experience and knows just how to bring us closer together.

Annie Chesterman

See what we unearthed when we played 15 questions…

  1. What’s your favourite emoji?


  1. What were you doing before Circul8 and why didn’t we find you sooner?

I was hiding at ABC and Triple J for the last 15+ years. I spent the last 3 years there working as Chief of Staff to MD Mark Scott but before that I managed the development and launch of many digital projects and products including mobile apps, the content platform ABC Open and the hugely successful

  1. What’s been your favourite triplej Unearthed performance?

Has to be Flume but there are so many!

  1. Why Circul8? What attracted you to this role?

I’m a really hands-on person that’s passionate about digital, product development and nurturing creative teams. Circul8 ticked all the boxes and then some. After chatting with Circul8’s Managing Director, Alana Stocks, I was impressed by how gutsy and tenacious she was. She exuded an entrepreneurial spirit that I really liked and wanted to be a part of.

  1. What’s most rewarding about your job?

Being in a position that allows me to build a great team, to help people develop and succeed. People don’t always know what they’re capable of and sometimes all they need is a champion.

  1. Got a free time management tip for us time poor creatives?

Tackle the most difficult tasks first thing in the morning when your brain is fresh.

  1. If you could have dinner with 3 people, dead or alive, who would they be?

Tina Fey, David Bowie, Salvador Dali – am fascinated by their creative brains.

  1. Favourite book?

Ooh tough one… I read a lot. A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles. It’s a book for our times and focusses on a character who demonstrates how to deal with changing social and political situations with unbelievable grace.

  1. The app that you can’t live without?

Spotify. I can’t go without music!

  1. What do you enjoy most about digital marketing?

I’ve always loved the interactivity of the digital world. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the offline and online world work together in a way that makes our lives better.

  1. Will robots take over the world?

Hopefully not! It’s becoming something that keeps me up at night.

  1. We’re starting to see more women in leadership positions. How do you think an agency can benefit from being female-led? Any advice for women thinking about pursuing a leadership role?

I’ve had great mentors in my career, both female and male. In my experience, both can be equally great in leadership positions.  At the end of the day, it’s more about your personality and approach. I think female leadership can bring different things to the equation – strength with a dose of empathy which is particularly important in the creative industry where you’re dealing with ideas and creative personalities.

Advice for women… be courageous and back yourself. It’s what men have done for centuries.  

  1. Any guilty pleasures?

……Spanish Soap Operas on Netflix

  1. How would your kids describe you?

“Persevering, intelligent and very loving” – Sophia (Well played Sophia 👍)

  1. When did you learn there was no Santa Claus?

Too soon… I had three older siblings.



A wall welcome…

For a long time at Circul8, we felt like something was missing. We kept stuffing ourselves with French pastries and cakes but the void remained. That’s when we realised we needed to fill the empty space of our entrance. We wanted to do something special and give back at the same time…

While we love to work globally, our values are firmly based locally. We wanted to showcase Australia’s most talented artists on our wall. The call was put out and the very talented Gosia Lapinski answered…

Behold… the new face of Circul8.


Artwork by Gosia Lapinski

A tribute on canvas to commemorate our securing of a one year marketing partnership with Japan Tourism. The three elegant cranes perfectly symbolises our productive relationship with our valued client and we couldn’t be more chuffed with the result.

Stay tuned. We plan to showcase a new piece of art from a new artist every 6 months. To be our next resident picasso, show us what you can do by emailing [email protected].

Our wall is now your wall. It’s our way of adding a little more colour to the already colourful South Downing Street (shout out to the dancing man with the boom box, don’t ever change).



Circul8 Artist Showcase – Calling artists of Sydney!

How do you like the sound of having your artwork adorning the entrance of one of the most highly awarded independent digital creative agencies in Sydney? THIS IS YOUR CHANCE.

We have a large empty white space in our entrance. This makes us sad :-(

We do have an idea to make it less empty though….

Rather than filling it with the usual creative agency fluff, we think it would be a great place to showcase local artistic talent. Does this sound like you? Well, we would love for you to come and get creative with our wall :-)

Entrance Artwork

Every single person who enters our studio walks past this wall, it’s difficult to ignore. Your artwork will be seen by a wide range of creative marketing professionals from designers, copywriters and producers to strategists, social media managers and directors. This walkway is the only (legal) way into the studio, so our full team will see your work every day, as well visitors from our agency friends, partners and clients, who include: Tourism Fiji, Japan National Tourism Organisation, Singapore Changi Airport, ANZ Stadium and Royal Caribbean.

You can clearly see the piece from the road too, so any passers by can also peek their head in and enjoy your artwork.

– Dimensions: 1630w x 2610h cm
– Canvas space is white, other walls surroundings are yellow.
– Installation time: 6 months per piece
– We will pay for your materials!
– We will ensure you are well fuelled with coffee/juice/beer while you work

Can you help us make our entrance a little less empty and a bit more AWESOME?

Just send us an email to [email protected] including your creds and proposed design and we will select one artist every six months to use the space.


#ArsenalinSydney powered by Aggreg8

Circul8’s new product, Aggreg8, is bringing tens of thousands of football fans together.

Aggreg8, the latest product in Circul8’s stable, is helping ANZ Stadium take its blockbuster 2017 matches between Arsenal FC, Sydney FC and the Western Sydney Wanderers to the fans.

The social content aggregator is currently powering the #ArsenalinSydney Social Hub, curating the latest Arsenal-related content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube into one ‘Gunners’ obsessed nerve centre.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 12.04.09 pm

More than 28,000 people are expected to travel to New South Wales for the ANZ Stadium-exclusive events. These visitors are estimated to spend at least $18.6 million in Sydney as a result of the games.

One Circul8 team member, a sour Tottenham supporter, isn’t too thrilled about the new project but we have promised to let him out of the cupboard when the games are over in July 2017. Tickets are on sale here.

Find out more about how Aggreg8 can supercharge your campaigns by clicking here.


‘Discover What Matters’, our new campaign with Vanuatu Tourism

It’s been right in front of you all along.

It’s easy to lose sight of what really matters. The pressures of modern lifestyles, the pursuit of money over happiness and the demands of the workplace often leave many people with regrets late in life.

Our new campaign invites those at risk of losing sight of what truly matters to rediscover what they have been missing, in a place where it’s been right in front of you all along: Vanuatu.

Launched in May 2016 this multi-faceted campaign uses eight key teachings of mindfulness to inspire urban, hard-working couples to Slow Down, Immerse Yourself, Be in the Moment, Reconnect with Nature, Make New Friends, Share Laughter, Eat Naturally and Be Alone, Together.

These life-affirming tenets form the pillars of our campaign and run through our TVC, website, print and digital media. These guidelines encourage the audience to reconnect with what matters, in an authentic, emotive and inspiring destination.

The centrepiece of the campaign is our TVC (which you can watch below).

Showcasing some of Vanuatu’s stunning destinations, the TVC and supported paid media share the serenity that is abundant in this nation. Just 3.5 hours from Sydney, is it time for you to rediscover the important things in life?



Circul8 and Cancer Council prompt men to think about the sh*t they don’t say.

Did you know Australian men are 84% more likely to die of cancers than women?! When The Men’s Health division of Cancer Council NSW told us this fact, we knew we had something worth talking about.

After winning a competitive pitch for the Men’s Health work for Cancer Council NSW we came up with a unique way of getting men’s attention on the issues.

“It has set new records and benchmarks for any campaign we’ve done,” was Cancer Council’s response to the success of the Sh*t Mates Don’t Say campaign, created by Circul8.

The campaign features a typical Aussie bloke singing the praise of antioxidants, activated almonds, zumba and environmentally friendly cars – but the power of the concept comes through its ability to defuse difficult conversations for men with humor.

After launching the Sh*t Mates Don’t Say video the conversation rapidly took off, with over 30,000 views (note: there was ZERO media spend) and 537 Twitter users talking about the campaign plus 5.6k people liking or sharing the video on Facebook.  2,300 of those who watched the video went on to read more about the facts of the campaign, and the Men’s Health Guide PDF brochure was downloaded 350 times.  All good signs that the video had prompted guys to start thinking about their health.

The men’s health campaign was supported by ambassador Vashti Whitfield, wife of late Spartacus star Andy Whitfield who lost his battle with cancer in 2011. Celebrities donated their time to talk about the issue, creating press interview and photo opportunities that helped push Cancer Council’s important message.

That message is all about overcoming the social barriers that increase men’s health risks. Having a chat with a mate about a health concern is the first step to taking the actions that Aussie men are neglecting – talking to a GP and changing lifestyle habits.   “Men are putting their lives at risk – they don’t talk about their health the way women do, they don’t go to their GP as often as women and they generally drink, smoke and eat more unhealthy food than women,” says Sarah McCarthy of Cancer Council NSW. While these trends are couched in social acceptance, we hope that through its popularity the Sh*t Mates Don’t Say video can help men overcome some of these barriers to better health.



Circul8 is heading Tourism Fiji’s global social media program after winning the contract in September 2012. Michael Meade of Fiji Tourism said it was Circul8’s “comprehensive knowledge of the expanding world of social media” that made it stand-out from its USA, UK, China and Australia based competitors. After being shortlisted from sixty-five global agencies Circul8 won in a multi-round, competitive pitch against US agency Spark Loft Media.

“We love being responsible for the Tourism Fiji brand social strategy, campaign activities and communities. For those of you that haven’t been, Fiji is an amazing place, and sharing a bit of the “Fiji spirit” with a creative social media campaign is exactly the kind of challenge we relish!”

Tourism Fiji is poised to launch their exciting new brand positioning globally, and they have to be admired for recognizing what a powerful medium social media will be for reaching this goal. Tourism Fiji is one the “new breed” organisations, appointing a specialised social media agency on a retainer basis.

With social as the core pillar of their global marketing strategy and Circul8 at the helm, you can look forward to seeing Fiji leading the way in destination marketing online.

Circul8 have used their extensive experience and portfolio in the industry to launch an internal division, specialising in tourism social media marketing and advertising.

Take a look: