Why You Need to be Thinking Video!

July 10, 2015

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Video is everywhere! We look into the reign of video content and Twitter’s latest development!

Video ads on Twitter. Image via adweek.com

Video ads on Twitter. Image via adweek.com

As anyone with a news feed will be aware, video has well and truly killed the photograph star, taking the podium as social media’s number one form of content. From auto-play options to Facebook’s recent floating video feature it’s clear social channels are giving film footage a lot of love. For those wanting to keep their social game strong, there is no question about it: you need to be all about the video right now and you need to know about its latest developments.

The hottest news in the social-sphere this week is that Twitter has rolled out some fresh, sexy video adverts for app-installation promotion. The feature, which is still in beta, is expected to convert a higher percentage of app installs at a lower price to advertisers. The move follows suit with the rest of the social media big-guns by placing additional focus on video content; a domino effect which has been in play for many months now.

On the new development, Twitter’s VP Global Online Sales, Richard Alfonsi said, “It’s an immersive experience to have video directly in the tweet. It creates great performance and lets marketers convey a lot more about what the app does.

If you’ve been paying attention to the world of social media recently, you’ll know this has been the sentiment with much of the content filling our feeds: immersive experience. And what better way is there to convey experience than to see and hear it using video?

If Facebook’s success in this area is any indication, we can expect big things from this new Twitter development. …But just in case you’re in need of a little extra convincing, here are a few statistics on video’s current reign over social and why it needs to be part of your content marketing strategy:

  • 30% of Australians watch long-form video footage on their mobile devices every day. (IAB)
  • 14% of surveyed Australians watch less TV as a result of mobile video options. (IAB)
  • Last month, Facebook saw more video views than YouTube. (Oursocialtimes.com)
  • 50% of daily Facebook users in the U.S. watch a minimum of one video per day. (Facebook)
  • In September 2014, 1 billion videos were watched on Facebook daily. Today, it has increased to a total of 4 billion.
  • 76% of Facebook users in the U.S use the platform to discover videos.
  • Facebook video posts receive the highest reach of all forms of content. Average increase in reach with video is said to be 135%. (Socialbakers)

Better up that data plan, it seems we’re all going to be watching a lot more video content in the coming months…

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