We built eharmony for bulls (seriously). Meet DeSireBull

Circul8 | September 3, 2019

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Circul8 is proud to announce the release of the beta version of ‘eharmony’ for bulls called DeSireBull which is heating up the bull matchmaking industry. 

When the NSW Department of Primary Industries invited Circul8 to put our hat in the ring to build a digital matchmaking product for bulls, we jumped at the opportunity. Everything about this project appealed to us; the brief, the chance to work with experts in agricultural genetic science, the opportunity to add value to Australian farmers and the ability to have a real impact on food production in Australia. It was also the perfect situation to put our human centred design approach into practice–this time turning complex genetic research into a simple tool that makes a difference.

The project, a co-investment with MLA Donor Company, came with a name and logo attached which also caught our imagination. Based on the ‘Desire’ algorithm that powers the science behind the tool, the name DeSireBull builds on its origins and plays with the matchmaking analogy. What’s not to love?

“Data based decision making rather than beauty contest!”

The beta site, now live, is designed to address a real problem with the way that many beef producers currently choose bulls at market – using size and appearance to make their decisions. DeSireBull by comparison allows commercial farmers to simply identify bulls that are compatible with their herds and breeding strategies based on the underlying genetic information available on each bull. Data based decision making rather than beauty contest! The outcome of this shift in decision making will have a real impact on productivity and income for beef producers – benefits of crucial value at a time where much of the country is facing drought.

We worked closely with expert bull geneticists Matias Suarez, Brad Walmsley and Laura Penrose from the NSW Department of Primary Industries to get our heads around the complicated genetic information and calculations. They brought the science; we brought the design thinking approach to craft a solution that would work for farmers in their everyday lives. We carried out interviews and user testing to keep farmers involved throughout the entire process.

Circul8 has a long history of working with clients across a range of sectors to innovate using technology. We are continuing this tradition with a number of agri-tech projects currently in development. These projects are spearheaded by our Tech Lead Jan Blasko, Creative Lead Corey Silva, General Manager Ann Chesterman and recent recruit Head of Production, Janine Googan who brings to the team a depth of experience in product strategy and management from her time as Head Product Strategy at the ABC – overseeing complex product development including iview, ABC Listen and ABC kids. Get in touch if you’d like to talk about building the next industry shaping app.


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