Travel and Social Media; The Need to Know from 2013

November 28, 2013

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We were lucky enough to be invited to speak at the CATO Christmas Dinner this week on ‘Travel and Social Media in 2013’.  Great company, great food and some fantastic learnings to share with everyone.  Whether people had budgets for big campaigns or if their budgets were more stringent, we had something for everyone.

We wanted to share some of our key take-outs from our presentation with you, our avid followers!

1. Think visuals! 

Images are very powerful assets on social media.  This year we have seen the trend of the branded visual statement take off.  Brands are the seeing the success; from our work with Tourism Fiji (see below) to the  social media bigwigs, Oreo.

Our Formula for a Powerful Image:

Great image + Emotive/ Topical/ Gamification element = Shares => Viral content

Tourism Fiji Visual Statements

Tourism Fiji Visual Statements

2. Have conversations don’t broadcast

Brands are finally using social media for what they’re meant for….CONVERSATIONS.

Why? Social media allows you to personify your brand online, offer that personal service through conversations to build relationships.

Don’t see the return….well check out how the Art Series Hotel helps to convince a tourist in Melbourne to splurge on a room at their Melbourne hotel.

Listen > Converse > Convert

Art Series Hotels successfully convert fans!

Art Series Hotels successfully convert fans!

3. Mobile, mobile, mobile!

As smart phone ownership has increased so has the amount of people viewing content on mobile.  Think mobile in 2014 or you’ll lose your audience.  Whether it’s a mobile app, responsive website, mobile optimised campaign or EDM, jump on board because it will be crucial for your digital presences future success.


4. Stay ahead of the curve

We’ve seen some great, ahead of the curve trends this year and one that stands out for us is RFID bands.

RFID bands have been popping up all over the place from concerts to resorts. (We’re working on an RFID project at the moment, which we’re really excited about so watch this space) 😉

A hotel in Ibiza has been using them to trigger resort-related social media posts on Facebook from their guests.

How does it work? You give each guest an RFID wristband and set up RFID activation points around your hotel or store.  Each activation point triggers a different activity, you could choose from:

  • Welcome email
  • Resort related Facebook status
  • Activity related Tweet
  • Post a Facebook photo

The options are endless so start getting creative.

RFID Bands

RFID Bands

5. Create killer video content

Videos are powerful story telling tools, (especially for travel) and now there are so many different ways to use them to showcase your brand. From a 15 second Instagram video to a YouTube video, there are so many options!  Think about how you can use these tools to showcase different experiences, destinations or resorts…



Written by Catherine Wagner Veary 

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