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The Social Score: State of Origin

The maroons may have taken back the NRL crown, but who came away as a winner on social?

If you’re from New South Wales, you might still be mourning this week’s loss against Queensland in the final State of Origin game. We were all pretty hyped up for it after this video came out on Wednesday morning… (you don’t need sound to play this).

A big win for the Blues sponsors Victoria Bitter, with 177 retweets. The hashtag #ThanksForTheMotivation was used more than 184 times… a small win, but nothing compared to the other hashtags used around Origin. These are the top 10 most used hashtags around the game. Which ones did you use?

State of Origin Hashtags

State of Origin Hashtags, via

#Origin was king, with an estimated 121,000 unique tweets sent per hour during the game yesterday. As for the team’s official hashtags, #UpTheBlues had 609 unique tweets per hour during the game, whereas (unsurprisingly) #QLDer had 2,600 unique tweets per hour during the game.

A fantastic success for @NRL’s marketing team, who issued this tweet way back in May…

This made User Generated Content a real source of amplification and anticipation for the game, especially for the companies sponsoring the hashtag #Origin. Although Sportsbet wasn’t an official sponsor of the event, they newsjacked it with the hashtag and a thorough Twitter campaign throughout the day. Over the past 24 hours, it’s been estimated that the hashtag received 4.52m potential views per hour.

The real Social Media winners for State of Origin, don’t you think?

However, there were some other strong contenders…

On the NRL’s Facebook page, fans were able to create their own State of Origin Jersey – complete with name and number.

Virtual Facebook jerseys for State of Origin

Virtual Facebook jerseys for State of Origin

More than 250,000 Facebook fans created their own virtual jersey within the last year.

They weren’t the only ones getting personal, either. XXXX are one of the main sponsors of State of Origin, and they hit home with this ad (again, no sound needed).

This gave us a serious case of the feels. By engaging in the social conversation around the sporting event, brands like VB and XXXX manage to build an emotional connection with the fans of the game. If you know of any other great examples of brand advertising around Origin, we’d love to hear about them!

In case you don’t watch the Origin, it was a landslide victory to Queensland with the final score standing at 52-6. Head over to The Roar to see more highlights.


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