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The Peachy Keen Social Trend for 2016

We road test Peach, the new social app everyone’s talking about.


Peach: one of 2015’s most suggestive emojis, and an enduring symbol of Mario having more work to-do. Now, it’s quickly becoming the hottest new social interaction app around – so popular that the site crashed in its first week of going out to market. The early success of Peach is a timely reminder of what people are looking for when it comes to social interaction apps: a way to make communicating fun.


The original Friend-zone.

Peach is a mobile-app with the timeline/profile archiving of Facebook and Twitter with the speedy interactiveness of WhatsApp and the playfulness of SnapChat. If that sounds like Peach has just lifted the best bits of all those popular social channels and given them a pink background – you’re not far off. That being said, it does it very well.

Peach, as the name suggests, is pretty cute and sweet. You could describe it as the app we had to have in the post-Emoji world. Emojis are present in most app’s interactions, from how it communicates with you to how it encourages you to communicate with others.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 2.19.06 pm


After setting up your profile, you’re introduced to your “space”. You define this space like you would a Facebook timeline: with photos, text-based updates, and other content derived or created from within the app. Much of that content can be added by using Peach’s “Magic word” function.



By typing in a “Magic word”, you can activate certain features that allow you to post things to your space. As you’re introduced to Peach, it steps you through how to post GIFS with a Giphy palette as well as snapchat-esque drawings. You can also update others about which TV shows you’re watching, or how far you’ve run/walked today- so Peach is good for couch potatoes AND people trying to burn off carbs!


Today we learned: never let a copywriter attempt drawing.

Remarkable enduring and endearing qualities of Peach are how super cute and super polite the app is. Once we’d walked through guided introduction, we were sent an emoji-laden message:


Oh Peach, you so sweet.

In fact, all of Peach is positively dripping with niceness. When you get into a conversation with someone, the text input encourages you to “Say something nice.” While the saccharine sweetness may give some die-hard social media users digital diabetes, it’s also encouraging to those who have been made all-too aware of the darker side of social, namely trolling and bullying.

Peach, it seems, is nipping this right in the fruity bud by establishing itself in the nice corner of the internet. There is no word yet on reporting, blocking, and other forms of moderating.  

What works with Peach isn’t so much that what it offers is hugely different from what’s already out there. Perhaps those the heady days social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc establishing themselves as channels defined by their difference are over. For now, we’ve become accustomed to apps and networks that are optimised to suit mobile devices and desktops – and the apps wishing to break into the market are about finessing that experiencing instead of revolutionising it.

As soon as we see a major technology change, there will be a new app or service that slots perfectly in with that new technology. For now, if a new social network or social interaction app wants to crack this competitive market, it needs to pay attention to how people are interacting on already established platforms and innovating within them, beyond what the app was designed for. Facebook’s responsiveness to GIFs, and Twitter’s incorporation of quoted tweets are great examples of this.


TayTay MAY be an investor?

VERDICT: Peach is fun, friendly, and understands the fashionable shorthand of emojis and GIFs to communicate how people are feeling. We can see why it’s so popular with early adopters.

SHOULD I USE IT?: Some of us at Circul8 HQ are already hooked. New year, new app!

DON’T USE IT: If the world of Emojis, GIFs, and millennial cuteness hurts your teeth.

SHOULD MY BRAND BE THERE: Not yet. If Peach survives that tricky “shiny new thing” phase and becomes a staple, it will be because it feels authentic. Brands that push their way in too early are seen as invasive.

As always, Circul8 will keep scouring the internet for what apps and digital marketing trends are ahead of the curve, so keep an eye on our blog throughout 2016 for the latest updates.

Written by Nic Dorward

By Circul8

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