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The 7 Deadly Tinder Pics!


If you’re single and smartphone capable, chances are you’ve heard of social discovery app Tinder. If not, you’re missing out. Flick through pictures of potential suitors in your area and hopefully, make a match.

But even if you’ve heard of Tinder, you probably haven’t heard of Tinder Headshots, a service based in New York offering a professional Tinder photo shoot for the humble sum of $75+ (!!)

We at Circul8 question the need to turn your Tinder profile into a high-end production, and so have kindly demonstrated what we term the Seven Tinder Sins – profile faux pas so lethal they’ll smite your odds of Tinder success. Avoid and save yourself a buck.

1. The ‘ring finger’  


If there’s a ring on it, get off Tinder.


2. The ‘crop’ 


Pictured, an ego so big it couldn’t fit anyone else in frame. The only thing you’re cutting out by cropping out a friend of the opposite sex is the opportunity of ending up with a stranger of any.


3. The ‘snapped back’ 


An awkward lean so awkward, it’s horizontal.


4. The ‘not-selfie selfie’  


Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the lamest of them all? The one taking a picture of themselves while trying to look like they’re not (See also: Bae caught me slippin).


5. The ‘definitely a murderer’  


No words.


6. The ‘group’   


‘Guess Who’ was fun to play in primary school. Not so much on Tinder.


7. The ‘not even my face’ 


From what I can tell you’re comprised entirely of machined ceramic. Nice handle.


There you have it. Seven of the deadliest Tinder sins. Come into our studio for further consultation on upping your game on Tinder – or any other social media channel for that matter.

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Written by Mark Starmach.

By Circul8

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