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Perfecting ‘The Social Post’ Part 1

Whether you’re an aspiring influencer, photography hobbyist, or someone who just enjoys sharing snaps with randoms, the social post has most likely become an integral part of your online identity, or what we call in the biz, your brand.

Although getting these posts ‘right’ isn’t exactly a science, there is a formula.

Over this three part series, we’ll break down the formula for posting success on social media, and give you the tips and tricks on creating ‘the perfect post’.

Part 1: Your visuals

Content might be king online, but on social media, images reign supreme.
They drive traffic, pushing brands and ultimately, getting those sweet, sweet likes.

They’re worth so much—more than a thousand words some might argue—that most of the social channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have been progressively optimised in favour of what is seen, as opposed to what is read.

Here are 7 proven tips for perfecting the visual side of your social media posts.

Part 1 #1

The 5 point checklist

Always start by running your image/video through this 5 point checklist.

If it doesn’t tick one or more of these categories, don’t be surprised if you start running a little low on engagement.

Timely or topical
Image of upcoming event or current affairs that connects to your following

Image that relates to trending topics and content

Images that are unique and uniquely you

Images that are easily digestible and shareable for scrolling followers

Images that promote a call to action (if applicable)

Part 1 #2

Mix your shots, not your style

Successful brands and influencers pick a style and stick to it.

Yes, their content may vary e.g. different shooting locations or food shots, but they compose and edit the images the same way, every time e.g. apply the same filter or use stock images that share the same aesthetic.

Note: If you’re serious about building your brand, developing content pillars that are aligned with your business objectives are a great way to stay on track.  

Part 1 #2

Use the right tools

There are plenty of apps out there to help you get your images just the way you want them—just right.

Our favourites (all of which offer free and paid versions) include:


Good for: All-purpose photo editor for image enhancements and corrections

Good for: Elegant film-like presets and a wide range of editing tools

Adobe Lightroom CC
Good for: Powerful photo editor for both beginner and advanced users

Good for: Artistic effects and creative photo editing

Good for: Applying textures, grains and light leaks


Part 1 #4

Get graphic

If graphics don’t fit your established image style, ignore this post.

For everyone else, graphical elements like typographic overlays or even stickers are an eye-catching, often practical way to add depth and detail to your images.

Part 1 #5

Think mobile

Your images are being viewed predominantly by mobile users.
So your images should be tailored for mobile. Makes sense right?

Capture one subject
Keep it simple, uncluttered and snackable.

Use a bright colour or two
Images that pop make the scrolling stop!

Check your image
Check to see how your viewers will experience it after uploading

Part 1 #6

Splice in some video

Video content drives higher engagement, so a little video goes a long way.

Keep them bite-sized and try adding a variety of media formats to mix things up such as boomerangs, Live videos, GIFs, or other rich media assets that are ‘on brand’.

For bonus points, and likes, comments, and shares, create videos that naturally create meaningful interactions. This means, creating a video that motivates, helps or inspires others.


Follow trends, but don’t follow trends

It pays to take some of the latest trends on board.

Video formats. Content themes. Colour combos. Hot trends can often be leveraged to boost your following and engagement levels.

However, looking like everyone else comes at a cost. Your brand.

If your images look and feel exactly the same as a million other images, your social stock goes down. If your images look like everyone else’s, would you follow you?

Trends should serve your image style. Not the other way round.

Now go forth, and create visuals that work, and work for you.

Stay tuned for Part 2: Your captions.


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