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Dear Abby

We get to know the newest member of the Circul8 team!

Abby is the newest member of the Circul8 team, joining our ever-expanding family of digital marketing addicts. In her first week we had two team birthdays, so she  is currently under the impression that we eat a lot of cake, and play the Stevie Wonder version of Happy Birthday more than the average agency.

Abby joins Team Social here at Circul8, the gang of brave people who go out into the digital world every day, managing communities and creating the content you see pop up across our client’s social channels.  As our newest Content and Community Manager, we asked her for her thoughts on cake, social media, cake, travel, and cake.


C8: Abby, what made you want to run away and join the Circul8 circus?

ABBY: Prior to joining Circul8 I was juggling two roles in online media and social, so this was an awesome chance for me to combine all of that craziness into one fabulous job! I’m passionate about social causes and all things travel, so I’m really excited about this new adventure.

C8: Were you surprised at how much cake we all ate in your first week here?

ABBY: I was just thinking that every newbie was welcomed with a ‘cake avalanche’ – you’re saying that that’s not the case?!

C8: What do you most enjoy about digital marketing?

ABBY:  I love that it’s fast, it’s innovative and it’s exciting – the industry is always changing, and that means there’s always a new way for us to connect with our clients’ target audience.

C8: What’s the app you can’t live without and why?

ABBY: I know it’s cliche, but I honestly can’t live without Twitter – I’m an #auspol junkie that feels really left out when I’m not constantly surrounded by other people’s opinions… and of course, GIF Keyboard, for the LOLs.

C8: Did you think we were just making up the birthdays so we could eat cake? If not, do you think we could get away with doing that?

ABBY: If we could develop some kind of strategy where everyone that works at Circul8 has a birthday every month we will be set for life!

C8: What’s the your prediction for the next big thing in online social interaction?

ABBY: Facebook’s plans for its Messenger service are really interesting and have the potential to transform how we interact with one another. I think the concept of creating this huge platform where we can chat to one another, send images, book an Uber, look at movie screening times and plan our lives in one place is exciting!

C8: Destination marketing and tourism are a big part of what we do here at Circul8. What are your top 3 travel destinations?

ABBY: My top destinations are Japan, Russia and Cuba!

C8: Finally, how good is cake?

ABBY:  So. good.

Written by Nic Dorward

By Circul8

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