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Changi Airport’s Explorers of the Hidden Gems

Uncover corners of the world you may have missed – but undoubtedly shouldn’t – with Changi Airport’s Explorers of the Hidden Gems.

This campaign with Changi Airport, launched last August, invited intrepid explorers to join in on an adventure to largely undiscovered, but infinitely captivating, corners of Southeast Asia: the Hidden Gems of Yangon, Yogyakarta, Kalibo, Vientiane and Da Nang.

The centrepiece of the campaign were our two Changi Explorers, Pauly Vella (@paulyvella) and Sera J. Wright (@photography_byron_bay). Both adventurers in their own right, Pauly and Sera took the world on a journey to Hidden Gems, Yogyakarta and Yangon – showcasing the infinite rewards of venturing off-the-beaten-track.

Not only did their adventures earn them a wealth of once-in-a-lifetime experiences (and more than a few enviable snaps), but it earned the rest of us a glorious sneak peek into the captivating faces, places and experiences on offer at Asia’s Hidden Gem destinations.

Do you think you have what it takes to be the next Changi Explorer? Be sure you join in our search for the first People’s Explorer!

On offer to the lucky explorer-to-be is the chance to uncover the Hidden Gems on behalf of Changi Airport and its partners, Intrepid Travel and Singapore Airlines. Living the life of a true adventurer, you’ll discover and document corners of the world that are often overlooked but by no means should be. Bask in natural and cultural wonders that will take your breath away, learn about unique customs and traditions from the locals that live it, and inherit a once-in-a-lifetime experience truly worth writing about! Find out more: 

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