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Cancer Council Australia and Sydney social media specialists promote the importance of conversation for health >>

6th November 2012, Sydney, Australia – Circul8 and Cancer Council Australia will be introducing a new campaign called ‘Shit Mates Don’t Say’ using a creative YouTube video and microsite to raise awareness about men’s health.

Men die at higher rates than women of nearly every cancer suffered across both genders, with 6900 more Australian men than women dying of preventable cancers every year. The Cancer Council campaign, to be released later this month, is aimed at starting conversations that could save lives by leading to early detection and prevention of cancers.

“Talking about health could be the first step to preventing cancer, so we challenged men to have a healthy talk,” said Jamie Madden of Circul8, “The viral video is designed to spark conversations about health, these can be uncomfortable at the best of times, so we have used humor to help get them rolling.”

There are often social barriers to men discussing health and symptoms of illness. The ‘Shit Mates Don’t Say’ campaign aims to highlight the importance of these discussions in a way men can engage with. developed together with production company Projucer, pays homage to the popular ‘Shit Girls Say’ meme with a twist, encouraging men to talk and seek information about their health.

Circul8 have previously been responsible for Cancer Council NSW ‘Do It For Cancer’ social media campaign. For the ‘Shit Mates Don’t Say’ campaign Circul8 have produced the YouTube video and social media strategy for spreading the message that early detection saves lives. “For a number of reasons men just don’t often go to their doctors,” points out Jamie Madden, “we are trying to remind them about the importance of early detection.”

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