Snapchat’s Totally (un)Expected Announcement

Circul8 | August 27, 2014

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This shouldn’t come as a shock, at least not at first. Creative messaging app, Snapchat, is reportedly working up a service called ‘Snapchat Discovery’, which will soon allow users of the platform to ‘discover’ marketer’s content.

Or in short, Snapchat’s getting ads.

There’s tonnes of brands who already have Snapchat accounts and are using them well, to send their followers snaps, teasers, exclusive content and promo codes.

But Snapchat Discovery will be different in that it will allow marketers to target disposable ad messages to users of a specific demographic on a naturally disposable medium. Never will that elusive ‘Gen Z’ audience be easier to channel.

What’s odd is the timing of this announcement and the form these ads will take. Snapchat was valued at $10 billion during investment talks with Alibaba Group in June, and active users have more than doubled in just under a year. This is pure conjecture here, but could Snapchat’s CEO Evan Spiegel be preparing to sell the platform?


This suspicion seems to gain some quantity when considering the quite brazen form these ads will take. For a particularly ad-adverse audience, the way Snapchat Discovery has been pitched, and is set to be integrated with the app, isn’t particularly delicate. Backlash and mass abandonment could be considerable.

We’ll provide more commentary as more details appear. Until then, we just hope Snapchat doesn’t become a ghost of its former self.

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