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Vanuatu, Discover What Matters

Awareness and Engagement Campaign

In March 2015 Tropical Cyclone Pam, the most powerful cyclone to ever hit the Pacific, devastated Vanuatu in what was one of the worst natural disasters in the history of this small nation. This all but crushed the country’s tourism industry. Flights were cancelled, resorts were empty, the money that tourism brings could not be used to help kick start Vanuatu’s resurgence.

Following the restoration of people’s homes and basic services, Vanuatu needed a recovery campaign, one that could raise awareness of Vanuatu’s offering amongst the Australian and New Zealand public, remind them of the natural beauty, welcoming people, and incredible experiences available, and inspire them to book flights and travel to Vanuatu.




We started by establishing an overarching creative concept to run out through multiple channels. Our creative concept returned to the core of what makes Vanuatu an incredible destination, establishing eight defining tenets. In a world where we are constantly switched on and caught up amongst our immediate concerns, it’s easy to lose sight of what matters; Vanuatu is a place where you can slow down, refocus, breathe, take it all in, and discover what matters.

Our first step was to create a new, visually spectacular website where people could firstly be inspired to travel to Vanuatu, and secondly, could easily access all the information they required to book a trip. The 8 central tenets were key to the structure of content through both the inspiration and information channels.

We created a TVC to reach our broad target audience with an emotive story driven message. Here, we show a middle aged working couple, successful but caught up in the needless distractions of modern life, who are following the guidance of an older wiser narrator, and discovering that what matters has been right in front of them all along. The awareness element of the campaign was supported further through paid media and print media across travel and specialty magazines.

Our TVC was followed by an engagement campaign that prompted the general public to focus on the unappreciated friendships that have been right in front of them all along, inviting them to share a moment between themselves and a friend that was important to them, for the chance to win a trip to Vanuatu, where they could slow down and forge new unforgettable memories with their friends.




Vanuatu saw a 22% lift in visitor arrivals from Australia as a result of the campaign.

Further, the campaign provided lasting platforms, assets and marketing tools to Vanuatu Tourism Organisation that they can continue to utilise. The 8 central tenets established through the campaign have come to define Vanuatu, and will continue to provide content and campaign themes into the future.