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Paradise Begins with Aloha

Digital Campaign

Hawaii Tourism came to us with a problem. They wanted to distinguish themselves from other island tourism destinations in the Pacific available to Australians and increase bookings made during the off peak period.




We began with one question: what makes the Hawaiian Islands unique? White sand beaches, crystal clear waters and panoramic vistas await travellers to these islands in the middle of the Pacific, but what truly makes Hawaii a paradise is the spirit of aloha that shines through in welcoming smiles, friendly gestures and warm greetings.

Paradise begins with Aloha.

We created a campaign that would emphasise this spirit, inviting users to head to our visually immersive website, to explore what’s on offer across the four main islands and to create their own custom itinerary for a trip to Hawaii from a selection of activities that would best capture the aloha spirit. 

The campaign was promoted through paid media on social and through eDMs, through display banners and through 30 second and 15 second pre-roll videos for each of Hawaii’s four main islands.



The campaign immediately started to generate interest for all four of the Hawaiian islands as people fell in love with the Aloha spirit and the experiences on offer.

This was reflected in the incredibly high level of engagement of people visiting the website. Users interacted with the content multiple times and spent on average over 6 minutes on the page. Over 1 million interactions were made with the campaign, with an almost even dispersement of engagements per island. The lack of significant drop off between islands shows that the campaign generated wide awareness of the offerings available through the four main islands and of the unique aloha spirit.

Combine this user interaction with over 14 million paid media impressions and it’s clear that the campaign well and truly established the spirit of aloha as an incredible and unique travel offering, only available in the Hawaiian Islands.