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Royal Caribbean

Digital & Experiential Campaign



Royal Caribbean Cruises wanted to attract ‘New to Cruise’ prospects, fuel their earned media strategy and demonstrate that Royal Caribbean are the most innovative cruise line in the world.



Circul8 launched a world-first social campaign for Royal Caribbean Cruises. Using Instagram’s newly launch 15 second video technology we created the InstaFilm Festival. User videos were submitted via Instagram and a campaign website and the festival was held onboard a cruise ship in Sydney Harbour.

We looked at the moments that make Royal Caribbean passengers go wow, and encouraged those not on board to film their own WOW moments as part of the world’s first Instafilm Festival.

‘The InstaFilm Festival’ social media campaign aimed to create brand awareness and engagement around the “Designed for WOW” campaign and attract earned media.



Followers on the Royal Caribbean Instagram account increased by over 900%. We received entries totaling four and a half hours of footage. We watched 54 sunrises, performed 17 skydives, and hung ten with 32 surfers – and our lucky winners were announced in a lavish red carpet ceremony onboard the Voyager of the Seas.