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Howe’s Life Campaign

Destination Marketing Campaign

Only 49% of Aussies know where Lord Howe Island is. Lord Howe Tourism needed a campaign to raise awareness of the island’s secluded location off the coast of NSW.


We looked at life on Lord Howe, and the reason why so many are repeat travellers. Using this research we created Howe’s Life, an interactive parallax website which brought to life different aspects of the island’s offerings.

A social aspect of the campaign saw visitors select an inspirational quote and share it as a design for their chance to win a trip to Lord Howe Island.


The campaign was successful on a number of levels, increasing Facebook page fan base by 1200% to 15,900 fans, generating 21,200 visits to partner websites and 1056 bookings to Lord Howe Island itself.

  • 155,000 page views (34,500 entries)
  • Shared by Tourism Australia to 5m fans
  • Won silver at W3 Awards NYC 2013