Pitching in: How Circul8 is helping local businesses survive the lockdown

May 7, 2020

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Disasters and crises have a habit of bringing out the best in people.

Studies conducted by the University of Delaware’s Disaster Research Center after floods and earthquakes reveal the exact same findings: the vast majority of people stay calm and help each other. In addition, non-altruistic behaviour that is bound to happen e.g. looting or toilet paper hoarding pales in comparison to acts of generosity and compassion.

Right now, we’re all witnessing individuals and businesses leaning into their communities during these COVID-19 lockdowns. This surge of solidarity has taken the form of kind letters left on doorsteps to those on the frontline and neighbours helping neighbours with errands, especially our elderly and high-risk Aussies. 

There has also been a mass showing of support online. With people confined to the home basically all day, the world has gone almost completely digital. Innovative digital platforms are meeting our quarantine needs, serving up everything from conference meetings to live music performances to daily yoga sessions.

As a digital agency focused on doing work for the forces of good, we have a strong conviction to not only help our communities but use innovative thinking and digital tools to do so.

So we did; focusing on the those who have taken and continue to take a massive hit during these times — local restaurants, cafes and suppliers.

Last month, together with Jesse Todd and David Gravina (CEO/founder of Compost Revolution) we launched Local Pick Me Up.

Because of the lockdowns, restaurants and cafes aren’t placing their usual orders, which means suppliers are being forced to throw away excess food goods. Meanwhile, people are crowding in big chain supermarkets, often to panic-buy the very same products that are getting binned.

We saw a fix, a way to create a direct supply and demand chain between struggling restaurants and suppliers, and their community of shoppers. 

Local Pick Me Up is a free service that helps you find and buy fresh produce, products and take away meals directly from local restaurants and boutique suppliers — including goods that are unavailable or sold out at Coles or Woolies.

By ordering directly from these local restaurants and suppliers through Local Pick Me Up, the service makes it possible for shoppers to not only get restaurant-grade products (picked up or delivered) but directly support hard-hit businesses.

So far, already 35 businesses in Sydney and Melbourne have signed up, with more joining every day. 

If you’re reading this and also looking for a way to help, it’s simple. Please help us spread the word in your area, and support them one shop at a time through localpickmeup.org.

In the meantime, stay safe and please continue to support local. They need us now more than ever.

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