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Dear Abby

We get to know the newest member of the Circul8 team!

Abby is the newest member of the Circul8 team, joining our ever-expanding family of digital marketing addicts. In her first week we had two team birthdays, so she  is currently under the impression that we eat a lot of cake, and play the Stevie Wonder version of Happy Birthday more than the average agency.

Abby joins Team Social here at Circul8, the gang of brave people who go out into the digital world every day, managing communities and creating the content you see pop up across our client’s social channels.  As our newest Content and Community Manager, we asked her for her thoughts on cake, social media, cake, travel, and cake.


C8: Abby, what made you want to run away and join the Circul8 circus?

ABBY: Prior to joining Circul8 I was juggling two roles in online media and social, so this was an awesome chance for me to combine all of that craziness into one fabulous job! I’m passionate about social causes and all things travel, so I’m really excited about this new adventure.

C8: Were you surprised at how much cake we all ate in your first week here?

ABBY: I was just thinking that every newbie was welcomed with a ‘cake avalanche’ – you’re saying that that’s not the case?!

C8: What do you most enjoy about digital marketing?

ABBY:  I love that it’s fast, it’s innovative and it’s exciting – the industry is always changing, and that means there’s always a new way for us to connect with our clients’ target audience.

C8: What’s the app you can’t live without and why?

ABBY: I know it’s cliche, but I honestly can’t live without Twitter – I’m an #auspol junkie that feels really left out when I’m not constantly surrounded by other people’s opinions… and of course, GIF Keyboard, for the LOLs.

C8: Did you think we were just making up the birthdays so we could eat cake? If not, do you think we could get away with doing that?

ABBY: If we could develop some kind of strategy where everyone that works at Circul8 has a birthday every month we will be set for life!

C8: What’s the your prediction for the next big thing in online social interaction?

ABBY: Facebook’s plans for its Messenger service are really interesting and have the potential to transform how we interact with one another. I think the concept of creating this huge platform where we can chat to one another, send images, book an Uber, look at movie screening times and plan our lives in one place is exciting!

C8: Destination marketing and tourism are a big part of what we do here at Circul8. What are your top 3 travel destinations?

ABBY: My top destinations are Japan, Russia and Cuba!

C8: Finally, how good is cake?

ABBY:  So. good.

Written by Nic Dorward


The Peachy Keen Social Trend for 2016

We road test Peach, the new social app everyone’s talking about.


Peach: one of 2015’s most suggestive emojis, and an enduring symbol of Mario having more work to-do. Now, it’s quickly becoming the hottest new social interaction app around – so popular that the site crashed in its first week of going out to market. The early success of Peach is a timely reminder of what people are looking for when it comes to social interaction apps: a way to make communicating fun.


The original Friend-zone.

Peach is a mobile-app with the timeline/profile archiving of Facebook and Twitter with the speedy interactiveness of WhatsApp and the playfulness of SnapChat. If that sounds like Peach has just lifted the best bits of all those popular social channels and given them a pink background – you’re not far off. That being said, it does it very well.

Peach, as the name suggests, is pretty cute and sweet. You could describe it as the app we had to have in the post-Emoji world. Emojis are present in most app’s interactions, from how it communicates with you to how it encourages you to communicate with others.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 2.19.06 pm


After setting up your profile, you’re introduced to your “space”. You define this space like you would a Facebook timeline: with photos, text-based updates, and other content derived or created from within the app. Much of that content can be added by using Peach’s “Magic word” function.



By typing in a “Magic word”, you can activate certain features that allow you to post things to your space. As you’re introduced to Peach, it steps you through how to post GIFS with a Giphy palette as well as snapchat-esque drawings. You can also update others about which TV shows you’re watching, or how far you’ve run/walked today- so Peach is good for couch potatoes AND people trying to burn off carbs!


Today we learned: never let a copywriter attempt drawing.

Remarkable enduring and endearing qualities of Peach are how super cute and super polite the app is. Once we’d walked through guided introduction, we were sent an emoji-laden message:


Oh Peach, you so sweet.

In fact, all of Peach is positively dripping with niceness. When you get into a conversation with someone, the text input encourages you to “Say something nice.” While the saccharine sweetness may give some die-hard social media users digital diabetes, it’s also encouraging to those who have been made all-too aware of the darker side of social, namely trolling and bullying.

Peach, it seems, is nipping this right in the fruity bud by establishing itself in the nice corner of the internet. There is no word yet on reporting, blocking, and other forms of moderating.  

What works with Peach isn’t so much that what it offers is hugely different from what’s already out there. Perhaps those the heady days social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc establishing themselves as channels defined by their difference are over. For now, we’ve become accustomed to apps and networks that are optimised to suit mobile devices and desktops – and the apps wishing to break into the market are about finessing that experiencing instead of revolutionising it.

As soon as we see a major technology change, there will be a new app or service that slots perfectly in with that new technology. For now, if a new social network or social interaction app wants to crack this competitive market, it needs to pay attention to how people are interacting on already established platforms and innovating within them, beyond what the app was designed for. Facebook’s responsiveness to GIFs, and Twitter’s incorporation of quoted tweets are great examples of this.


TayTay MAY be an investor?

VERDICT: Peach is fun, friendly, and understands the fashionable shorthand of emojis and GIFs to communicate how people are feeling. We can see why it’s so popular with early adopters.

SHOULD I USE IT?: Some of us at Circul8 HQ are already hooked. New year, new app!

DON’T USE IT: If the world of Emojis, GIFs, and millennial cuteness hurts your teeth.

SHOULD MY BRAND BE THERE: Not yet. If Peach survives that tricky “shiny new thing” phase and becomes a staple, it will be because it feels authentic. Brands that push their way in too early are seen as invasive.

As always, Circul8 will keep scouring the internet for what apps and digital marketing trends are ahead of the curve, so keep an eye on our blog throughout 2016 for the latest updates.

Written by Nic Dorward


Vale, David Bowie

Circul8’s staff are celebrating the incredible life and artistry of an icon by sharing their favourite tracks.

Image source:

Image source:

When the news of David Bowie’s passing hit the internet, the entire Circul8 office stopped what they were doing for a moment to take in the news, and since then the soundtrack has been non-stop Bowie.

To celebrate the incredible life and artistry of Ziggy Stardust/The Thin White Duck/Aladdin Sane et al, we’ve compiled our definitive playlist of favourite tracks and what these songs mean to us (the Slack thread on this subject is one of the most detailed conversations to take place at Circul8).

Vale, David Bowie. Planet Earth is blue, and there’s nothing we can do.

Jules: Ask me each day and I’ll give you a different answer. One thing everyone loved was how versatile he was and how he inspired so many. His song ‘Cat People (Putting Out The Fire)’ was used perfectly in Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Inglourious Basterds’ as the perfect accompaniment to revenge. And, if you’re recreating the past, why not make it even better with something from the future.

Abby: I love Let’s Dance, because it never fails to make me happy.

Nic: Amidst the enormous outpouring of online grief in recent days, this video of David Bowie, Annie Lennox, and Queen performing “Under Pressure” was shared.  My first thought was, “Oh yay, Bowie, Freddie and Annie all onstage!” Then, I realised Annie was there because Freddie wasn’t, and now Bowie’s gone too. We’re so lucky to have all these moments to celebrate and enjoy. What a gift, thank you DB. Say hi to Freddie for us.

Alice: Life on Mars is my fav track. It was my Dad’s fav when i was younger and rubbed off on me!

Ryville: Can I pick ‘Chubby Little Fat Man’ that he wrote for Ricky Gervais on Extras?

[Ed: the response on the circul8 Slack was a standing ovation GIF]

It was fun to consider Bowie as a bully. Clearly he’s not.

Steph: Heroes…Because it’s a song that inspires.

Will: Heroes. Trying to pick my favourite David Bowie song is near impossible… he reinvented himself so many times and each persona he embodied has impacted me and influenced me at one point of my life. The cosmic mind expanding vision of ‘space oddity’ in my teens, the absolute groove of ‘golden years’ and the soul of the entire Young Americans album as I started going out, the stark desolation of his Berlin albums at times of disillusion, more recently ‘modern love’, even his new work collaborating with LCD Soundsystem and Arcade Fire has influenced me. Ultimately all of his art has made me feel that being different wasn’t just ok, it was something to be proud of and to revel in, and one song in particular has always stayed with me, inspiring confidence and ambition; Heroes. The 1977 live TV version in particular resonates with me; bare from any make up, red jacket, just himself, singing to the camera. That’s the confidence I always strive to have.

I always just kind of thought he was invincible.

Written by Nic Dorward


Circul8 Expands with New Clients & Returning Friends

Circul8’s 2016 is looking busier than ever, and we’re loving every minute of it!

As 2015 drew to a close, Circul8 was very proud to welcome new clients as well as secure ongoing relationships with some of our dearest existing ones.

Firstly, we were very pleased to announce a new partnership with the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO). Hot on the heels of Japan being named #2 on Lonely Planet’s ‘Best in Travel’ 2016 global list, JNTO have big plans to increase destination awareness and build on inbound visitor numbers from Australia.

Given our long history of successful destination marketing campaigns, JNTO and Circul8 make for a great fit. We’ve already kicked off the very fun work of revolutionising their digital marketing strategy to remind Australia that Japan is a tourism destination like no other, and later this month will launch our first major interactive campaign, so watch this space and make sure you’re following JNTO’s social channels.


Meanwhile, we were very pleased to end 2015 by re-securing our digital marketing partnership with Changi Airport Singapore. In the final month of 2015, we were thrilled to learn that Circul8 had won Changi Airport’s open pitch for the second time in a row.

We’re now on board with the world’s #1 airport for a 2.5 year “extended stopover” as their Australian digital marketing partner. We’re excited at this opportunity to keep creating content and bespoke campaigns that build on our mission to show Australians: when it comes to Changi Airport, getting there isn’t just half the fun – it doubles it!


Right before the holiday break, we also had confirmation from another new client who said “Yes!” to our our belief in the power of change, recognising that Circul8 is where people come to change the way the world talks about their business. Keep an eye out for more info on that soon as we launch one of our most ambitious projects to date!

Learn more about Circul8’s partnerships and our award-winning approach to working with brands.

Written by Nic Dorward


10 Reasons to Love Winter in Australia #SydneyWinter

Winter is here. And it’s beautiful.

Apparently this weekend is going to be the coldest weekend for Australia in about a million years (slight guestimation, taken from this report). And whilst it might suck not being able to go outside for a swim and a surf, there are a few reasons to love the cold snap.

1. It means you get to fill up on delicious, hearty meals like this. That’s sweet potato and corn tortilla soup, served with extra guac. Cause, you know, you need the extra layers.

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

2. And staying in, watching the wintery films that are totally lost on us during the months of November through to February. This guy has the right idea.

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

3. You also know that this is the only time of the year where it’s comfortable to wear your favourite wooly jumpers.

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

4. You might want to keep these on if you do venture outside too. Why not try doing a coastal walk this weekend? You can always sneak back inside for a hot chocolate after.

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

5. If you’re really brave, you could go out surfing this weekend. The water’s fine!


6. You’ll be sharing the sea with the new neighbours though – remember, it’s whale watching season!

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

7. Which means winter is also the perfect time to head to the harbour and jump onto one of the whale watching trips.

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

8. Or just soak up the view with some perfectly chilled wine. No esky needed in winter ;).

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

9. Let’s be honest, there are few views that are better than this.

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

10. Really, winter in Sydney isn’t so bad at all. Especially when it looks like this.

Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

Have a great weekend! Circul8 x


Why You Need to be Thinking Video!

Video is everywhere! We look into the reign of video content and Twitter’s latest development!

Video ads on Twitter. Image via

Video ads on Twitter. Image via

As anyone with a news feed will be aware, video has well and truly killed the photograph star, taking the podium as social media’s number one form of content. From auto-play options to Facebook’s recent floating video feature it’s clear social channels are giving film footage a lot of love. For those wanting to keep their social game strong, there is no question about it: you need to be all about the video right now and you need to know about its latest developments.

The hottest news in the social-sphere this week is that Twitter has rolled out some fresh, sexy video adverts for app-installation promotion. The feature, which is still in beta, is expected to convert a higher percentage of app installs at a lower price to advertisers. The move follows suit with the rest of the social media big-guns by placing additional focus on video content; a domino effect which has been in play for many months now.

On the new development, Twitter’s VP Global Online Sales, Richard Alfonsi said, “It’s an immersive experience to have video directly in the tweet. It creates great performance and lets marketers convey a lot more about what the app does.

If you’ve been paying attention to the world of social media recently, you’ll know this has been the sentiment with much of the content filling our feeds: immersive experience. And what better way is there to convey experience than to see and hear it using video?

If Facebook’s success in this area is any indication, we can expect big things from this new Twitter development. …But just in case you’re in need of a little extra convincing, here are a few statistics on video’s current reign over social and why it needs to be part of your content marketing strategy:

  • 30% of Australians watch long-form video footage on their mobile devices every day. (IAB)
  • 14% of surveyed Australians watch less TV as a result of mobile video options. (IAB)
  • Last month, Facebook saw more video views than YouTube. (
  • 50% of daily Facebook users in the U.S. watch a minimum of one video per day. (Facebook)
  • In September 2014, 1 billion videos were watched on Facebook daily. Today, it has increased to a total of 4 billion.
  • 76% of Facebook users in the U.S use the platform to discover videos.
  • Facebook video posts receive the highest reach of all forms of content. Average increase in reach with video is said to be 135%. (Socialbakers)

Better up that data plan, it seems we’re all going to be watching a lot more video content in the coming months…

Information via:

Mashable: here and here


Meerkat is Back!

After being ditched by Twitter in favour of Periscope, Meerkat is back with a brand new set of updates – and the support of Facebook!

Meerkat Logo. Image via

Meerkat Logo. Image via

What is Meerkat?

Meerkat is a live streaming app that allows you to send live video to connections and friends.

Haven’t I heard of this before?

Yes, Meerkat was the star of the show at SXSW in March 2015. Back then, when users logged into Meerkat it would be registered on Twitter’s social graph, as users logged in through the Twitter API. You connected with Twitter, and thus you also connected with your Twitter followers on the app.

However, Twitter then invested in the live streaming app Periscope, which now runs entirely off of Twitter’s API – so there was no room for Meerkat anymore. Twitter stopped allowing Meerkat to upload when users were logging onto its social graph, which severely limited Meerkat’s potential at the time.

Is it better than Periscope?

Debatable, it depends how much you like these additional features….

Meerkat has now joined up with Facebook to use their API in their new update, importing your data into the app so that if you do sign up, you’ll be notified if one of your friends starts live broadcasting.

Whilst this may sound like ‘just another app’, we should remind you that Snapchat started off on a similar note – now look at it.

There are some additional features, this might be Meerkat’s way of under-cutting the competition. On Meerkat, friends are allowed to make a ‘cameo’ in your own live stream for up to 60 seconds (this is essentially where someone can ‘hijack’ your live feed). Again, this may sound gimmicky, but imagine the potential for live news feeds like ABC. We could have live streams from different parts of the world for the relevant news stories.

Meerkat Cameo

An invitiation to cameo. Image via

How can I set it up?

Download it here, or visit the website here.

Is anyone else using it yet?

Yes, Discovery are actually streaming part of Shark Week right now – use @SharkWeek to have a look on the app. Fox, TMZ, The Champions League, and MasterCard have also partnered with the app ahead of the new update including the aforementioned features (Wednesday 8th July 2015).

Information via:

Business Insider
The Verge 
Buzzfeed News


The Social Score: State of Origin

The maroons may have taken back the NRL crown, but who came away as a winner on social?

If you’re from New South Wales, you might still be mourning this week’s loss against Queensland in the final State of Origin game. We were all pretty hyped up for it after this video came out on Wednesday morning… (you don’t need sound to play this).

A big win for the Blues sponsors Victoria Bitter, with 177 retweets. The hashtag #ThanksForTheMotivation was used more than 184 times… a small win, but nothing compared to the other hashtags used around Origin. These are the top 10 most used hashtags around the game. Which ones did you use?

State of Origin Hashtags

State of Origin Hashtags, via

#Origin was king, with an estimated 121,000 unique tweets sent per hour during the game yesterday. As for the team’s official hashtags, #UpTheBlues had 609 unique tweets per hour during the game, whereas (unsurprisingly) #QLDer had 2,600 unique tweets per hour during the game.

A fantastic success for @NRL’s marketing team, who issued this tweet way back in May…

This made User Generated Content a real source of amplification and anticipation for the game, especially for the companies sponsoring the hashtag #Origin. Although Sportsbet wasn’t an official sponsor of the event, they newsjacked it with the hashtag and a thorough Twitter campaign throughout the day. Over the past 24 hours, it’s been estimated that the hashtag received 4.52m potential views per hour.

The real Social Media winners for State of Origin, don’t you think?

However, there were some other strong contenders…

On the NRL’s Facebook page, fans were able to create their own State of Origin Jersey – complete with name and number.

Virtual Facebook jerseys for State of Origin

Virtual Facebook jerseys for State of Origin

More than 250,000 Facebook fans created their own virtual jersey within the last year.

They weren’t the only ones getting personal, either. XXXX are one of the main sponsors of State of Origin, and they hit home with this ad (again, no sound needed).

This gave us a serious case of the feels. By engaging in the social conversation around the sporting event, brands like VB and XXXX manage to build an emotional connection with the fans of the game. If you know of any other great examples of brand advertising around Origin, we’d love to hear about them!

In case you don’t watch the Origin, it was a landslide victory to Queensland with the final score standing at 52-6. Head over to The Roar to see more highlights.


Information via:


Meet Circul8’s Newest Recruits

We’re celebrating and welcoming two new staff members to the Circul8 team – Introducing Senior Strategic Account Manager, Cate Morgan and Strategic Account Manager, Audrey Aublin; each bringing with them a wealth of accounts experience (and sheer awesomeness).

Cate joins Circul8 having worked at Lowe Profero, The Farm Digital, Fairfax Media, Fox Sports, BAMBOO digital agency and EYE with an impressive list of clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Energizer Schick, Kimberly-Clark and Coca Cola.

Audrey comes aboard with an equally exciting working history at Lowe Profero, Sydney Harbour Tall Ship, Marquetis and Leo Burnett, France with clients Quick, Groupama Bank, Woolmark and Fiat.

A giant welcome to these two lovely ladies. If you’d like to say hello, feel free to get in touch with them on [email protected] and [email protected] :).



Written by Stephanie Nuzzo


Circul8’s Tinder Takeover Wins a Webby!


Exciting news! We have been awarded the People’s Voice Award for Interactive Advertising: Online Guerilla & Innovation at the 2015 Webby Awards.

Taking home the trophy for our Tinder Takeover campaign for Amnesty International Australia, this is our second Webby win and fourth nomination.

In 2009, we at Circul8 were thrilled to find we were the first independent Australian digital agency to win a Webby Award, which brings together the world’s best in honoring excellence on the Internet. With over 13,000 entries from 60 countries, our 2015 Webby win for Tinder Takeover is no small feat, confirming our international standing as a digital agency (woo!).

Our Tinder Takeover campaign alongside Amnesty International and Tinder was a world-first, launching on International Women’s Day 2014. The campaign used the online dating profiles of Tinder to increase awareness of women’s rights by displaying hard-hitting messaging such as, “Not all women have the power to choose like you do”, in Tinder profiles.

“Amnesty International and Tinder were great partners in this innovative campaign, and we’re proud to create meaningful work that gains international exposure for such a such an important cause.” says Circul8 managing director Alana Stocks.

A big congratulations to all the winners and nominees for the 2015 Webby Awards!

For more on the Tinder Takeover campaign, click here.

To learn more about Circul8 click here.

Written by Stephanie Nuzzo and Nic Dorward