Meet Aimee

January 25, 2021

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It’s time to play ’10 questions’ with the newest member of the team – Aimee Chappell – our new social media manager! Let’s go.

Why Circul8?

The people and the projects! Looking at Circul8’s impressive repertoire of projects and awards got me really excited to create some magic with the team here. Having an agency founded and run by strong female leaders was also another selling point.  

Tell us a little about yourself in 5 words or emojis?

😎 😈 💅🏻 🤠 😍  honourable mentions go to 👩🏼‍🎨 🥐 👩🏼‍💻 🔥 😂

Dinner with one person, dead or alive?

My Nanny! She is over in WA so as soon as that hard border lifts I’ll be on the next flight to take her out for dinner. 

Who’s your doppelgänger?

Well, that depends on my hairstyle, which changes every 3 months! In a previous life I got Rachel McAdams a lot, but I’m not convinced. 

What excites you about the future of our industry?

The influence and the platform we have to share stories. What I like about social media is that it gives people the ability to control their own image and to tell their own story, which can be limited in other forms of media. I also like how things move so quickly on social media and how global movements and diverse perspectives can be connected across continents, all via an app.  

If you were the goddess of social media for one day, how would you wield your omnipotence?

I’d remove all the face warping effects and filters that perpetuate unrealistic beauty standards and never let them return.

What is the best way to deal with Mondays?

Snooze your alarm twice, shower, listen to an audiobook to wake up your brain (Breath by James Nestor is what I am listening to at the moment) try on 3-4 outfits until you find the right one for your mood, run for the train, grab a coffee on the way and arrive a few minutes early. 😎

Dogs or cats?



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