Meerkat is Back!

Circul8 | July 10, 2015

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After being ditched by Twitter in favour of Periscope, Meerkat is back with a brand new set of updates – and the support of Facebook!

Meerkat Logo. Image via

Meerkat Logo. Image via

What is Meerkat?

Meerkat is a live streaming app that allows you to send live video to connections and friends.

Haven’t I heard of this before?

Yes, Meerkat was the star of the show at SXSW in March 2015. Back then, when users logged into Meerkat it would be registered on Twitter’s social graph, as users logged in through the Twitter API. You connected with Twitter, and thus you also connected with your Twitter followers on the app.

However, Twitter then invested in the live streaming app Periscope, which now runs entirely off of Twitter’s API – so there was no room for Meerkat anymore. Twitter stopped allowing Meerkat to upload when users were logging onto its social graph, which severely limited Meerkat’s potential at the time.

Is it better than Periscope?

Debatable, it depends how much you like these additional features….

Meerkat has now joined up with Facebook to use their API in their new update, importing your data into the app so that if you do sign up, you’ll be notified if one of your friends starts live broadcasting.

Whilst this may sound like ‘just another app’, we should remind you that Snapchat started off on a similar note – now look at it.

There are some additional features, this might be Meerkat’s way of under-cutting the competition. On Meerkat, friends are allowed to make a ‘cameo’ in your own live stream for up to 60 seconds (this is essentially where someone can ‘hijack’ your live feed). Again, this may sound gimmicky, but imagine the potential for live news feeds like ABC. We could have live streams from different parts of the world for the relevant news stories.

Meerkat Cameo

An invitiation to cameo. Image via

How can I set it up?

Download it here, or visit the website here.

Is anyone else using it yet?

Yes, Discovery are actually streaming part of Shark Week right now – use @SharkWeek to have a look on the app. Fox, TMZ, The Champions League, and MasterCard have also partnered with the app ahead of the new update including the aforementioned features (Wednesday 8th July 2015).

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