How Are Consumers Using Social Media for Travel?

July 24, 2014

  • Social Media

Last week we spoke at the inaugural Travel Industry Exhibition in Sydney, on ‘Social Media and Travel’, giving attendees insights on how travel brands can successfully utilise social media and mobile technology to cater to consumer demands and trends.


Social media now plays an intrinsic role in every aspect of the travel and tourism industry today and it simply cannot be ignored, (no matter how hard some people are trying!) 😉

During the day we shared some of the insights and trends we’re seeing within the social media and travel sector, and amongst this were some eye-opening statistics crucial to be across, if you’re a travel brand or business. We revealed how consumers are using social media like never before:


  • 52% of people used social media to find inspiration for a holiday (and say photos posted by their friends inspired their holiday choice and travel plans!)

Planning / Booking

  •  93% Travellers say their booking decisions are impacted by online reviews
  • 33% of travellers changed hotels based on what was being said on social media channels. (Even when you think you have a booking confirmed, people will change their hotel based on what is being said on social media. So it’s important to keep the positive content flowing. If other businesses are doing better then you on social media, they actually could be taking you business!)
  • 92% of consumers say they trust social media or WOM more than all other forms of advertising. (So get your advocates talking about you!)



  • 72% of people use social media whilst on holiday. (So don’t stop the conversation!)
  • 72% of all social media users access their social media sites daily whilst they are travelling.
  • 85% of leisure travellers use smartphones whilst they are travelling abroad.
  • 46% ‘Check in’ to a location (i.e. Facebook or Foursquare) whilst on holiday. (Make sure you’ve created a ‘check-in’ for your business/location.)
  • 44% of travellers use their phones to research travel whilst they’re actually travelling



Post Travel

  • 76% post holiday photos to a social network. (…And these photos become holiday inspiration for their friends and fans!)
  • 55% ‘Liked’ a Facebook page, or followed a Twitter account related to a recent holiday experience.
  • 76% posts holiday photos on a social network


So there you have it! People are connecting like never before; before, during and after travelling. The travel industry has been transformed in the most dynamic way by internet, social media, mobiles and technology.

It is more important than ever to make social media an integral part of your strategy so you can successfully connect with these travellers! It’s an exciting time for travel and an exciting time for social. Come talk to us if you need a help with your social strategy or want to know more about the travel & social consumer.

Now please excuse me whilst I stalk my friends travel photos and dream of being on a Fijian beach….ahh…… 



Written by Rosie Apps

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