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Welcome back, Auds!

Circul8’s Delivery Director, Audrey Aublin, is back in the office! Our beloved Frenchie just gallivanted across the globe in unconventional company and, in quick succession, ticked off quite a few bucket list items. We sat down with Audrey to ask about the trip, what she’s learned, and what we can expect now that she’s back.

How was your ‘mat leave’?

I would say my mat leave was not a conventional one. My partner and I decided to go on a world trip, get married, and spend time with our family and…

We left when our baby was 8 weeks old.

Baby on a plane

We travelled through South and Central America for the first 3½ months. We flew to Santiago, Chile, and from there we made our way north, eventually crossing into Bolivia. After 30 days on the road, we went to learn the stories of the Inca in Peru.

Audrey in Peru

Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala & Honduras were also fantastic destinations we visited.

South American adventures

We spent a week in NY where we were meeting an old colleague from Circul8.

Baby in NYC

We then went to France to prepare for our wedding. Got married on the 6th of July, and after that ate all the cheese that the country had to offer. Spent some quality time with my family in the South West of France, and with my now-husband in Sweden.

Traveller's wedding

Finally, we went on our honeymoon in Tanzania, and did the best safari we could ever wish for.

Tanzania honeymoon

After 14 countries visited & 7 months without a home, we came back to Australia. Found a place to live, signed our now 10 month old baby up to daycare and started a ‘normal’ life that we didn’t really have since we had the baby.

Oh, and we had our citizenship ceremony just to make our homecoming official, too.

Australian citizenship ceremony

Now that you’re back, what is your role at C8 now?

I’m here to support the team where they need help. Making sure we are delivering projects for our clients on time, on budget and to the high standard we have at Circul8. Another big part of my role is identifying client needs and finding opportunities to market their brands more effectively. If I’m on a project, you can expect efficiency to the highest degree.

I’m also here to make sure we have fantastic french breakfasts now and then. Bread is life!

What did you miss about us?

This was the trip of a lifetime; let’s be honest I have been judged a lot by those that heard I travelled South America with an 8 week old baby, but here at Circul8 nobody ever judged me. I have always been supported and that’s why I love working here. I missed this. Being in an environment within which I haven’t been judged for making this crazy decision.

I missed the atmosphere in the office. The smiles on people’s faces when we have some good laughs. The excitement of working on a fantastic pitch, and the joy when we win it!

On top of everything what I missed the most were the people. Circul8 is more than a job to me, it’s like a family and I’m happy to be back

What has your time off taught you about the world/industry/office?

It has taught me that I’m exactly where I should be. I’ve always loved my job, and that hasn’t changed. Coming back was not hard, going to work was not hard as it seems so normal. When you love your job the way I do, you don’t feel like it’s hard to go to work every day.

I have always been passionate about travel and discovering more about South America (and other places). This makes me want to work on more travel clients!

More than ever I’m dedicated to help doing good for the world. Our clients are the reflection of this and it makes coming back so easy.


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