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Circul8 and Aggreg8 win big for Tourism Fiji

Break out the champagne, we’ve just won a shiny gong for our Tourism Fiji campaign – the Award of Distinction for Marketing Effectiveness in the Communicator Awards to be exact!


Last year saw Fiji endure its biggest storm ever (Cyclone Winston). In a country that relies so heavily on tourism, visitor numbers plummeted amidst the media coverage of the aftermath.

Once Fiji beamed out the C8 signal, we rushed to put our best minds together to help lift the country out of its darkest hour.

The campaign, which was driven by our content marketing platform, Aggreg8, was a resounding success with over 1 million social media engagements and a reach of over 15k shares for the #Fijinow hashtag. More importantly, we were able to help the country not only recover but break visitation records.  

See how we did it here:


We knew Aggreg8 was powerful, but this campaign reminded us that it really knows no limits. You can now add crisis management to its name too!

Check out Aggreg8 here:

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