Taylor Swift flexing bicep in glittery, sparkly body suit.

Beyond the Music: Unveiling Taylor Swift’s Genius in Social Media

“Taylor Swift is so lame and all she does is sing about her ex-boyfriends…”

That is what a person with minimal knowledge of her history, strategic skills and social media prowess would say, and by the way, that person is so incredibly misinformed and wrong. In my totally humble-not-biased opinion, Taylor Swift is amazing not only because of her incredible songwriting abilities, caring heart and relatability but also her strategic mind when it comes to social media.

Taylor Swift is a constant topic during office and lunchtime conversations and the entire Circul8 team has come to truly appreciate the genius she is. She even inspired me to do my lunch and learn about her social media expertise and I was able to educate the whole team on her history, controversies, social media skills and overall intellect when it comes to marketing herself. My lunch and learn SLAYED by the way and the events that ensued were unbelievable – but more on that at the end.

And now, dear reader, I can educate you too on everyone’s favourite anti-hero because she’s so much more than just a country-turned-pop singer. She’s a mastermind and this is also, in my opinion, a big reason why she never goes out of style and any person working in social media can learn a little something from Miss Taylor Alison Swift.

Are you ready for it?

Easter Eggs and Puzzle Solving

Yes, easter eggs but not the April long weekend chocolate bunny egg kind, but the Taylor Swift kind (the best kind). Taylor ingeniously elevates her social media presence by incorporating easter eggs and puzzle-solving elements into not only her songs and album covers, but also her social media posts and stories.

With each post, she transforms her social platforms into an interactive treasure hunt, creating an immersive experience for her audience. Fans eagerly decode hidden messages, symbols, and clues, fostering a sense of community and shared discovery.

Taylor’s strategic use of these elements not only keeps her followers engaged but also generates buzz and speculation online, turning routine updates into thrilling mysteries. Call it what you want but this unique approach showcases her ability to build a loyal fan base that actively participates in unraveling the enigma of her social media presence.

Authentic Storytelling:

Taylor has also undoubtedly mastered the art of authentic storytelling through her songs, depicting her heartbreaks, insecurities and different moments throughout her life. Don’t blame her but her honesty and vulnerability in these songs captures the attention and love of her fans.

Her authentic storytelling goes beyond her music to her social media platforms and posts. By sharing personal anecdotes, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and candid moments, she connects with her audience on a genuine level, which isn’t common for artists of her calibre.

For instance, Taylor’s use of Instagram Stories to document her songwriting process or share snippets from her daily life creates a sense of intimacy, making fans feel like they are a part of her journey.

Engagement and Interactivity:

Taylor’s social media mastery also involves creating numerous opportunities for fan engagement and interactions, she makes them stay in that lavender haze. From polls and quizzes on Twitter, personal notes and messages on Tumblr to interactive Instagram Q&A sessions, she makes it hard for fans to shake it off and not engage with her content and brand.

On TikTok, Taylor’s account is constantly liking and even commenting on TikToks made by her fans. From niche Swiftie memes, and reactions from screaming fans at her concerts to people singing her songs – Taylor is always watching and interacting with her fans online. These interactions also feel personable and make Taylor become a friend to her fans rather than an unattainable celebrity that you can never get a hold of.

How iconic right? If you need more proof or reasons why she’s a social media and marketing genius, head straight to Google and you will find a plethora of dissertations, essays, blogs and investigations of her skills and how they’ve helped her propel to the status of…AN ABSOLUTE FUCKING ICON.

Now back to my lunch and learn, after passionately delivering a one-hour-long presentation to my colleagues, my boss suddenly drops this absolute bombshell— two Centerline tickets to see Taylor Swift at her first Sydney concert for The Eras Tour. Cue screaming, crying, throwing up. Cue my hands shake, I’m not usually this way.

Cue complete happiness and ecstasy.

And don’t even get me started on the concert – seeing Taylor live, after years of adoration, months of incorporating her into workplace chats, debates and presentations – it was utterly surreal and the best night of my entire life.

By Digital Account Manager Carolina Domínguez

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