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Circul8 | March 26, 2014

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Happy 8th birthday Twitter! From it’s humble beginnings as the ‘SMS of the internet’, Twitter has now grown to an essential source in the world of breaking news and culture. To celebrate we’ll look at the top 8 tweets in this micro-blogging platform’s history.

You can take your own nostalgic trip down memory lane to find your first tweet here, brush up on twitter’s history in the video below (and see the first tweet from space) before our countdown!

Here’s a recap:


That infamous Oscar selfie that blew up twitter and broke records has been talked about ad nauseam, but it got us thinking…what other tweets were up there with it? No surprises, bloody Americans dominated the RT’s!

So we bring you…the 8 Most Re-tweeted Tweets:


1. Ellen’s Oscar Selfie

1-ellen-degeneres-oscar-selfie-most-retweeted-tweets-of-all-timeThe epic star-studded selfie taken by DeGeneres was retweeted more than 3 million times during the Oscars and caused Twitter to malfunction. Her original plan was to take a tounge-in-cheek selfie with Meryl Streep and crop her out, but then other celebs ran in to join and lo and behold the number 1 retweeted tweet!


2. Barack Obama’s Victory Tweet

2-president-obama-four-more-years-most-retweeted-tweets-of-all-timeSocial media plays an integral part in Barack Obama’s campaigns, so of course when he won a second term on November 6, 2012, he tweeted it. It was the most retweeted (gaining 800k) for a while till Ellen’s Oscar selfie knocked it off the top spot, pretty good for a government official!


3. Lea Michele’s Cory Monteith Tweet


Twitter is often the first place news breaks about the untimely deaths of famous people. Cory Monteith’s passing was followed by an outpouring of support with lots of it directed at his girlfriend and Glee co-star Lea Michele. She who in turn tweeted a thank you photo of her with the late actor, it got retweeted almost 400k times.
4. Paul Walker’s Passing


When Paul Walker died in a car accident back in November, the official news came straight from his own Twitter feed and the message got retweeted over 380k times.

It’s kind of odd that he virtually tweeted his own death, but at least you know that it’s from a reliable source…


5. Any Tweets from One Direction


Many insignificant tweets from the One Direction boys are retweeted hundreds of thousands of times by excited tween girls…this is one of the most popular as Niall (I have no idea which one he is either) turned 20. Not sure if it was deserving of over 363,000 retweets, but Justin Bieber’s coming up next too…


6. Beiber Before he was a Douche 


In February 2012 Bieber surprised a 6 year old battling brain cancer by visiting her at the hospital, her name was Avalanna.

When that little girl passed away the following September, Bieber’s tweet about it set a new retweet record.


7. Wendy’s Does Charity


In 2011, Wendy’s gained the most retweets at the time for this charity pledge. They raised $100,000 for charity, while also gaining some great publicity – money well spent! Aligning social cleverly with a cause gets us all excited.


8. Beiber’s First Tweet


This guy again! Back in 2009 when Myspace had some relevancy and Beiber was a debut artist he deployed this promotional tweet, a link to his myspace page. In 5 years it’s been retweeted close to 150k times.

What do you think of the list? And incase you’re wondering I repeated the word ‘tweet’ within this article 30 times.


Written by Margaret Sevenjhazi

Sources: RefinedGuy.com &  Mashable

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