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Australia is in the grips of an avocado shortage, and it is trending. Won’t someone think of the breakfast selfies!

If there is one thing Aussies are proud of, it’s our religious dedication to the avocado. Once “smashed” meant six too many beers on a Friday night, but now it’s a creative way of describing the delicious green mush we serve on toast alongside eggs and other vital breakfast ingredients.

However, the free market is a powerful and dangerous thing. Just before Christmas, it seems Big Avocado did a little market interfering to help drive sales and then BOOM, Mother Nature was having none of it. Thanks to some extra rainfall, avo crops have become scarce and now we’re facing a shortage.

As always, Social Media has responded to the avocrisis with all the rationality you’d expect. Enjoy our gallery of some of the best responses. Until this dark (green) time is over, your breakfast selfies won’t be the same. May AvoGod-o have mercy on us all.